Informationslogistik für die Automobilbranche Informationslogistik für die Automobilbranche

Information logistics for the automotive industry

Our intercommunicating production and logistics systems transmit all key data and measured values of the products we manufacture to the customer through all stages up to the logistical transport process.

Seamless tracking of your products

Seamless tracking of your products

Using tools such as LOBSTER, WMS and PTS, we provide a transparent overview of your products – for their current status, position and any potential delays.

All data is stored for decades to ensure complete traceability.

Our information logistics offers

Seamless tracking of production parameters

Our PTS system developed in-house records all process parameters, compares them with the target values and stops the process in case of NOK values. For each process, the actual values determined by this system are stored for at least 12 years and assigned to the vehicle to ensure full traceability.

Owing to the simple configurability of the system, short-term component and process changes by the customer can be implemented in a timely manner.

Our universal “EDI data pump”

We understand you, no matter what language you speak. Our LOBSTER DATA module helps us do this, because it translates your language into our in-house “Rhenus” language.

LOBSTER is software for electronic data exchange between different systems. It links all the systems necessary for our process. These are QM, HR, PTS, SAP and warehouse management systems.

We map all logistics processes within your organisation

Our WMS controls the entire material flow and informs us of the stock levels and goods removals as well as the delivery quantities in the incoming goods department. It is a system that controls and monitors the entire material process.

Starting with the receipt of goods, the supply and disposal of your production lines and their completion notification to JIT and JIS supply including empties management – our WMS manages all services and process steps.


Hardly any other market is developing as fast as the automotive industry is. Consequently, fast reaction time is one of the greatest challenges and core competencies. We respond to changes at short notice and ensure that your production processes run smoothly.


High quality standard

Our quality management system is not only equivalent to that of a logistics provider, it also corresponds to that of a parts supplier or vehicle manufacturer. The key figure "PPM" is for us one of the most important indicators within a business for us. It enables every employee to measure his or her daily performance.


With absolute precision

Keeping pace with the sequence of our customer is the very foundation of our planning process. With us, every second counts. We always deliver parts and components at the right time and in the right sequence.


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