Technical assembly and installation by Rhenus

Whenever high-tech products have to be assembled and installed at short notice or in large numbers during roll-outs within specified periods of time, a company’s resources can often reach its limits. We can help you with the technical assembly and installation of your equipment.


Well combined: Transport and installation

Whether it’s a computer tomograph for a hospital or several hundred vending machines to be set up and installed: we combine transport logistics, assembly services and installation to create the best solution for you.

All-round service

Our comprehensive service portfolio is not just limited to the collection and delivery of your equipment. Our experienced and trained delivery teams can also assist you and your customers with all post-installation services.

Rhenus provides technical installation services such as wiring medical CT scanners or connecting gaming machines, vending machines and large sports equipment. Not only at a national level, but internationally.

Assembly and installation by professionals

Trained specialists

Training our delivery and assembly specialists is of great importance to Rhenus. New employees therefore complete an extensive training programme to ensure that they meet your expectations, and those of your customers, with each order.

Alongside the correct handling and manual use of the equipment, our employees are also trained in the use of special tools that are used during assembly and installation.

If required, our employees also receive training from the manufacturers of the devices themselves so that they have the necessary expertise for the installation and configuration of the products at the customer’s premises. This way, you can be sure that your customers enjoy first-class assembly and installation services when you entrust us with your goods.

Specialist fleet and tools

Our specialised fleet of vehicles is equipped with air suspension, padded cargo compartments, hydraulic lifts and load securing devices such as alarms and GPS to facilitate the safe transport and unloading of high-tech equipment. We are also experienced in dealing with road closures and parking restrictions.

We use numerous transport and placement aids such as electric stair climbers, heavy-duty rollers and jacks and platforms. In addition, we use tools for assembly and installation, such as drilling templates, precision measuring devices or potentially explosive equipment.

By means of floor and drive-over plates, we protect the flooring at the delivery site at all times. This allows damage-free placement, even on sensitive floors such as those in banks or foyers.

Technical service

Our driver teams are true experts when it comes to installing a wide range of different equipment: for example, they set up medical equipment, servers, copiers, ticket machines, ATMs, cash machines and vending machines; they connect screens and mobile X-ray and ultrasound equipment; and they switch on public information displays, customer information systems, power supplies and signalling systems.

Our technical installation services include:

  • Pre-configuration in our logistics and technical centres
  • Dismantling of returned equipment and accessories
  • Unpacking and installation of new units
  • Complete installation – with optional commissioning
  • Alignment/function testing of the units
  • Configuration of customer-specific parameters
  • Additional software installations

Technical specialists

We only let professionals handle your technical equipment. This is why we operate our own technical centres. Our trained specialists all possess the necessary technical know-how and undergo regular training in work safety, quality and handling of the products. This means you can be sure that your goods are transported, placed and installed correctly. And: your technicians no longer need to accompany the installation, or only to a greatly reduced extent. This means that we ensure that you have free capacities.


Professional equipment

Medical equipment, vending machines and high-tech products in general are of high quality and require sensitive handling. This requires not only the experience and knowledge of our staff, but also the appropriate tools. Our installers always have the tools they need to install and connect your equipment.


Modular range of services

We provide a wide range of services, from individual services to comprehensive roll-out management, including project planning and implementation of your large-scale project, which you can put together individually. Your advantage: you only use the services you really need. You can combine our standard products and comprehensive value-added services.

Professional storage of your high-tech equipment
Professional storage of your high-tech equipment

Professional storage of your high-tech equipment

Learn more about our logistics centres, in which we can temporarily store your products until they are delivered to your customers.

Warehouse logistics

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