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Warehousing solutions for e-commerce

Rhenus Thailand handles the warehousing of your e-commerce products to meet the dynamic development, sales peaks and fast sales growth in the industry.


Flexible e-commerce logistics with Rhenus

Logistics for e-commerce has a considerable impact on creating customer experience in B2C online sales. Rhenus Thailand provides flexible and effective e-commerce logistics using automation and innovative solutions. Our dedicated and multi-user warehouses offer a full range of fulfilment services such as customised processes and advanced IT solutions. Our rich knowledge and vast experience in online sales logistics are also indispensable for the efficient, smooth implementation and ideal performance of e-commerce logistics.


Rhenus Thailand is a trusted logistics provider for manufacturers and distributors of FMCG products. We understand the demands of the fast-paced marketplace and respond with agility and competence. Our systems and processes enable us to respond promptly to consumer demands for fast-moving, short-lived products with full traceability, batch numbers and expiry dates. Rhenus Thailand has experience dealing with nutritional products, office supplies and daily-use dry products such as coffee and tea.

Services include:

  • Returns management
  • Packing, co-packing, repacking, set-building and inserting
  • Labelling and relabelling
  • Foiling
  • Carrier management
  • Customs clearance and international shipping

Benefits of Rhenus e-commerce solutions

  • Speed of response to volume fluctuations
  • Multi-user and dedicated warehouses around the world    
  • Customised e-commerce logistics
  • Experienced and dedicated teams
  • Inventory management, value-added services and returns management
  • Advanced IT solutions
  • Available warehouse space with high potential for further expansion
  • Excellent inventory and storage management

International e-commerce quality you can rely on

  • Global network of warehouse facilities
  • Strategic locations for order fulfilment
  • Customised fulfilment operations
  • Convenient cut-off times
  • Quality standards with our value-added services

Growth potential and flexibility

  • Overcome the challenge of unexpected growth and seasonal fluctuations
  • Rhenus develops corresponding logistics to satisfy your demands in terms of volumes and markets served
  • Dedicated warehouses for your exclusive use with the opportunity for further growth and innovative solutions

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