You can see a huge airplane being loaded up. You can see a huge airplane being loaded up.

Airfreight Consolidation

You need both efficiency and reliability for your cargo shipment? With our air consolidation services, we’re offering regular uplifts for competitive rates in order to optimise the reliability and costs of our customers.



Rhenus Thailand takes proactive measures to ensure just-in-time deliveries by selecting our ideal partners for reliability and consistency. We also proactively communicate information to our customers about the shipment status and solutions.

Our Consolidation Services

  • Consolidation hubs in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong and Thailand connecting South East Asia with the world
  • Regular consolidation flights with fixed schedules and reliable transit times
  • Cost-effective solutions with competitive rates
  • Palletising
  • Sorting
  • (Re)labelling and repacking
  • Weighing and measuring 

Benefits of Choosing Rhenus for Your Air Freight

  • Our international network of hubs 
  • Fixed and scheduled air freight services
  • Track & trace available for complete visibility
  • Full documentation and customs clearance support
  • Concierge airport services available 24/7 
  • Dedicated trucks to provide loading/unloading services to and from the airport
  • Strong customer focus, ensuring alignment with all requirements
  • Air freight consolidation from various locations across Europe and Asia to Thailand and vice-versa

Assuring the Service Quality Standard

  • Access to a wide global network of aviation hubs
  • A portfolio of preferred and audited carriers 
  • Quality service standards by assessing our partners’ on-time performance
  • High-security compounds to safeguard your inventory and assets at all times

Reliable transit times

  • Proactive measures like uplift and arrival control
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Main transport and last-mile deliveries with our dedicated partners
  • We proactively communicate with our customers about the shipment status and solutions

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