Our warehouse solutions and services

Rhenus Thailand offers a range of warehouse logistics solutions such as multi-user, in-house and dedicated solutions. We also provide warehousing management and value-added services following industry practices and standards to optimise your operations through our logistics expertise.

In-plant solution

Let Rhenus optimise your warehouse operations 

To increase productivity & visibility of stock movement, reduce costs and allow optimisation, our in-plant solution can be implemented, which involves a full or partial takeover of the operation of your warehouse, factory and production logistics. Rhenus Thailand will analyse your process landscape to provide a relevant warehouse management system, solutionand reporting structure. To integrate seamlessly into your production processes, Rhenus Thailand will implement flexible personnel and equipment concepts as well as system integration with your ERP.

Multi-user solution

Integrated logistics at a multi-client location

A multi-user solution allows your warehouse logistics to merge into a multi-client location offering low-cost, high functionality and effective service under management of our centralised warehouse expert team. This solution creates flexible benefits for personnel and storage space utilisation with standard on-boarding timeline. Being a multi-user logistics centre enables better cushioning of seasonal fluctuations through shared services and solutions.

Dedicated solution

We manage an exclusive warehouse for you

A dedicated solution suggests that we offer a dedicated warehouse for your exclusive use to store your goods and provide additional support in areas such as process improvements, IT, equipment, staff and technology. This collaboration allows us to tailor and customise solutions according to your unique needs and assists you through effective process execution and administration of end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Value-added services

Services beyond warehousing for your supply chain

To improve efficiency and flexibility, Rhenus Thailand provides value-added services (VAS) that are following industry standards which include gift wrapping, quality control, co-packing, product refinement, display construction and more. Through our logistics expertise and knowledge in various industries such as e-commerce, fashion, high-tech and electronics, we can assist you in focusing on your core competencies instead of day-to-day logistics operations.



Special product management and Licencing


Rhenus Thailand provides certified services and trained staff for temperature-controlled, dangerous goods or products that require special treatment and care. We ensure the best and fully compliant handling at our warehouses, which are equipped with certified facilities, such as for dangerous goods, food and halal grade storage conditions, etc.

Rhenus Thailand ensures that certifications and licences are in place to clear special cargo with unique needs by our in-house compliance team. Product and storage licencing we provide to customers includes DIW, HALAL, DOA, FDA, BRC, TAPA, factory licences and other government licencing requirements.



Based on your unique demands and requirements for warehouse processes, Rhenus Thailand will implement different standard solutions catering to your needs, including our own developed Rhenus Warehouse Management System (RWMS). Through WMS solutions, Rhenus Thailand strives for continuous improvement in long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness through applying operational control. 

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