Multimodal Transport Services

Rhenus Thailand provides multimodal transport, which is the seamless transfer of containers, either via air, ocean or road, to and from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.
Your partner for multimodal transport

Your partner for multimodal transport

We plan transport chains in such a way that the relevant strengths of individual modes of transport are used to the best possible degree along the individual sections of the route, creating the most suitable solution for you and your business.

Our Services

  • Connectivity to surrounding countries: Providing multimodal services across Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Europe-Asia Rail Connectivity: Offering multimodal services via air, land and ocean to Germany, Spain and more countries to suit your unique needs.
  • China-Asia Rail Connectivity: Providing multimodal services via air, land and ocean to Germany, Spain and more countries to suit your unique needs.

Multimodal Advantages

  • The unquestionable advantage of multimodal transport is the ability to ship goods over long distances, which is impossible during forwarding using only one form of transport
  • We make use of multiple transportation modes for a total of 1712 kilograms / 21.4 cubic metres of goods
  • We handle the complicated documentation in the different countries
  • We offer tailor-made cost-saving solutions for our customer
  • We strive to minimise the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus


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Benefits of choosing Multimodal Transport

  • An extended network with our own locations and long-term partners
  • Cost-efficient due to consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Ability to ship goods over long distances
  • Huge optimisation of the entire process
  • Ideal for trading products with a relatively short expiry date or seasonality

High quality and supply chain visibility

  • Full overview and control of your shipments with our customer-friendly online tools
  • Complete supply chain visibility from collection to delivery
  • Easy tracking via paperless IT solutions
  • Certifications for the highest quality and security standards

Punctual deliveries of your goods

  • Fast connections via direct weekly and daily scheduled departures
  • Route optimisation of your shipments for fixed and reliable transit times
  • International customs clearance know-how to ensure on-time delivery of your shipments