Our Domestic Trucking solutions

Rhenus Thailand offers line haul, milk runs and final-mile distribution depending on your needs. We operate both a dedicated truck fleet and a shared truck fleet, or use a hybrid model to manage volume volatility depending on your needs.



Rhenus Thailand handles the delivery preparation in advance through optimising routes and providing directions to our drivers. Our trucks also go through regular inspections to assure they are kept in top condition as a part of our Rhenus safety standard and preventive maintenance. We also have a dedicated team that coordinates the available fleet, delivery ETAs, customer KPIs and deviations.

The Process of Domestic Trucking

Our domestic trucking services

Line haul transports refer to long-distance dedicated or groupage point-to-point transports with various truck equipment such as full trailers, semi-trailers, flatbeds, low-beds, double-deckers and more. This transport supports customer requirements in terms of on-time delivery and cost-efficiency. Rhenus provides line haul services from the customer factory to the distribution centre, managed by Rhenus in strategic locations across Thailand. This service benefits the customer by consolidating their products in a single shipment or load within a full truck, thus saving on transportation costs.

The fast growth of e-commerce and door-to-door services means that customers need a reliable service provider with a well-established network. Rhenus has advanced its technology and developed and improved a road network to provide the best service to our customers, both sellers and end-customers receiving their products on time with good service experiences. The customers can track their product delivery status in our transport management system on a real-time basis.

Rhenus undertakes milk run services through on-route consolidation or multiple delivery points using an optimised transport network design and warehouse cube utilisation. In the competitive manufacturing and production industry, time and cost are the keys to driving the business for our customers. Rhenus provides route and product loading optimisation as well as cost saving as part of our tailored transport solutions for each customer. Rhenus understands the importance of transporting the cargo to production lines on strict delivery times or based on the just-in-time principle.  

To ensure our customers receive all-in services and keep them worry-free, Rhenus offers transportation services to our end-customer residences. These services include extending value-added services such as installation of the products (like home appliances or furniture) and Cash on Hand (COH) capability. We train our drivers and the installation technician team with various product knowledge to ensure the safety of the products and the highest satisfaction. 

The Rhenus transportation services include small parcel delivery for time-critical shipments. These reduce the logistics costs in case the cargo cannot be consolidated with other cargo. The customer can rest assured that their products are delivered to the recipients at the preferred time and with the desired parcel rate.

Rhenus uses heavy duty trucks to transfer the products from and to the port of Thailand. Our huge truck fleet with a well-established network can accommodate your large volumes during normal or peak season. Our services include human resources to support loading, unloading, packing or other activities related to inland transportation and container yard solutions near the main ports of Thailand to minimise container-related costs.

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Value added services


  • Driver management and tracking to improve driver safety and compliance 
  • Enhances fleet efficiency through real-time visibility over your drivers and trucks, enabling fast response times and optimal efficiency
  • Enables digital documentation, which improves driver access and prevents document damage or loss
  • Generates valuable insights into driver performance, fuel usage and truck maintenance

We have specialised equipment to cater to your shipment, including semi-trailer tractor units, heavy goods vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, heavy goods vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, delivery trucks and more. 

For your convenience and ease of usage, we offer cash-on-delivery services with several payment modes.

We provide customised solutions based on your shipment requirements to resolve any logistical challenges.

Benefits of Rhenus Domestic Trucking Services

  • Direct transport, as no additional stops are necessary
  • Safer delivery, your shipment never leaves the truck from origin to destination
  • Less damage risk due to less handling and direct loading and unloading
  • Strong and extensive partner network with the best price-performance ratio, tailored to your requirements
  • Track and trace allows you to track the real-time location of your shipments at the touch of a finger
  • Dedicated team of delivery experts to provide any support if needed

High-quality and secure delivery standards

  • We provide reliable, safe and punctual deliveries of your goods
  • High visibility of your shipments from collection to delivery, digital online booking and paperless IT solutions
  • Experienced and dedicated experts to ensure quality transports

Our commitment to punctual deliveries

  • Express services for time-critical transports, fast deliveries to suit individual requirements
  • Milk run and just-in-time services for industry-specific solutions
  • Expert knowledge regarding international customs clearance