You can see an antonov at an airport. You can see an antonov at an airport.

Value-Added Services Air Freight

Rhenus Thailand provides value-added services to support the entire supply chain to ensure your convenient delivery of goods.


Support along the Entire Supply Chain

Our in-house staffs at our airport stations and our dedicated trucks provide loading or unloading services to and from the airport. You can choose from a wide variety of additional services, such as handling, documentation, customs clearance, insurance or digital and express services for your cargo. 

Value-Added Services for Air Freight

Air Freight Handling

With our flexible warehouse solutions, you will benefit from modern and secured indoor and outdoor storage facilities at airport locations worldwide. Our highly qualified staff is capable of handling all types of cargo, and modern equipment ensures the safe handling of your goods.We offer storage availabilities for several days directly at your local Rhenus branch close to the airport. Even longer-term storage can be facilitated through our contract logistics specialists.

Rhenus repacks or resizes your individual shipment according to your needs. We have specialised approaches applied to repack your cargo in airworthy packing. Rhenus Thailand assures the protection of your cargo, and meets defined quality and handling standards. Our specialists are ready to provide quality service for any category of cargo repacking operations.

Rhenus assures that markings indicating the actual vendor of your goods are removed and your delivery documents are attached according to your requirements. We remove labels, unpack and neutralise your whole consignment and repack it before forwarding.

Rhenus offers an efficient sorting solution according to your individual requirements. Our highly qualified staff in the picking area collects the goods that have been sorted and processes the order. Rhenus Thailand assures adherence to delivery dates and exact handling of the flow of your cargo.

Rhenus offers you several monitoring options for your air freight shipment to ensure the protection of your cargo. Our special tools provide logistics quality control and give you the opportunity to observe the transportation processes and gain important information about the conditions of your goods during transit, warehousing, material handling and packaging. With special technologies, such as sensor technology provided by well-established cooperating partners, Rhenus is able to track your cargo with sensors including GPS position, temperature and light. Moreover, we monitor the acceleration and pressure your cargo is transported with as well as geo-fencing and preserved integrity.

Rhenus applies specific additional labels to the cargo as per your individual requirements. Did you forget product information on the packaging? Or do you want to provide additional information on labels for the goods? We add this and attach labels in a fast and uncomplicated manner to avoid delays and ensure transparency, process control and efficiency along your supply chain.

Rhenus Thailand conducts additional shipment inspection to offer you a professional review of the quality, quantity, labelling, packaging and loading of your air freight and help you to meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements.

Rhenus Thailand ensures the efficiency, functionality and stability of your cargo by placing loose cargo boxes (including shrink-wrapping) on a pallet according to common air freight transportation standards. We assure smooth stacking and unstacking to facilitate quicker handling and less damage to your cargo.

E-Solutions for Your Air Freight

We connect your IT systems to our own to easily exchange data like shipment orders or status codes for automatising business processes. The transfer of structured data from one computer to another using accepted message standards helps you to receive data immediately without any human intervention. Rhenus Thailand ensures better data quality, fewer sources of error and the acceleration of the entire transaction process.

Rhenus Thailand provides access to a customised dashboard dedicated to your shipments. This dashboard enables you to easily monitor and report your main logistics KPIs. From analysing reports about a certain air freight shipment status to transit times and the shipping of your goods, Rhenus Thailand provides you with dedicated KPIs, graphics, world maps and more.

Document Solutions for Air Freight Shipments

Rhenus Thailand prints a proof of delivery (POD) for your air freight shipment and forwards it to you by postal service instead of providing it electronically.

You are not yet ready to switch to e-invoicing and want to receive your invoices as printouts? To ensure we are complying with your individual requirements, Rhenus Thailand offers to print your invoices and send them to you by postal service.

Rhenus Thailand offers fast and reliable deliveries of your confidential documents across various countries via courier service. This extra service provides you with the possibility to track your mail and guarantee proof of delivery.

Rhenus Thailand offers customised reports based on KPIs for a defined period based on your request. We strive to provide all the information needed in an individualised report to help you manage your data, vital for decision making and efficiency. We offer data filled in your Excel report or personal portal for flexibility.


Express Solutions for Air Freight

Rhenus Thailand offers a wide range of express pickup and delivery services for all urgent air freight shipments. Rhenus Thailand ensures faster pickups and deliveries than the guaranteed standard. 

Rhenus Thailand offers reliable service for booking faster transit times on the flight. With several years of experience and cooperation with the most reputable carriers in the industry, we ensure that your requirements are met at a global level in terms of a faster, better and leaner delivery. If you need direct flights for your airfreight, Rhenus Thailand is the best solution when time is of the essence.

Rhenus Thailand offers you immediate assistance for urgent and important cargo. With delivery outside standard working hours such as at the weekend or on national holidays, Rhenus ensures you a 24/7 service worldwide. 

Air Freight Clearance

Rhenus Thailand ensures proper customs clearance in compliance with current air freight customs regulations based on your individual requirements. We have an in-house compliance available 24/7 to support  your customs clearance process.


Rhenus Thailand assists with any kind of preparation of your documents needed specifically for air freight import customs clearance at the destination.

Air Freight Insurance

Rhenus Thailand offers tailor-made transport insurance solutions that protect your interests during the transportation of your air freight cargo. It also allows better management of financial impact in case of loss or damage. 

Rhenus Thailand assists with any kind of preparation of your documents needed specifically for air freight import customs clearance at the destination.