Rhenus Greater China offers direct rail freight services between China (the world’s largest trading nation) and Europe (the world’s largest economy), that is cheaper than air freight and faster than ocean freight.


We provide fixed departure schedules and reliable transit times. Your personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessities for train transport. Both carrier and own equipment can be used. Furthermore, we offer a door-to-door and station-to-station service in China and Europe. There are also possibilities for container stuffing and stripping, such as VAS solutions and buyer's consolidations. Besides that we can arrange your end-to-end customs clearance and have consolidation / distribution hubs located inland across China and Europe.

china - europe landbridge route

  • Chinese Hub: Suzhou / Changchun / Shenyang 
  • Border Crossing 1: Manzhouli (CN) / Zabaikalsk (RU)
  • Border Corssing 2: Brest (BY) / Malaszewicze (PL)
  • Chinese Hub: Zhengzhou
  • Border Crossing 1: Erlian (CN) / Zamyn-Uud (MN)
  • Border Crossing 2: Brest (BY) / Malaszewicze (PL)
  • Chinese Hubs: Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Wuhan / Yiwu / Hefei / Xian / Chongqing / Xiamen / Changsha
  • Border Crossing 1: Alashankou (CN) / Dostyk (KZ)
  • Border Crossing 2: Brest (BY) / Malaszewicze (PL)

Why use Rhenus Greater China landbridge services

  • Ship cargo from Inland China and have a long trucking to the ports or international airports in China
  • Ship higher valued products with average turnaround times
  • Ship via container train to and from our utilize European distribution centres or production facilities
  • Depend on a tight supply chain schedule and require on-time deliveries and reliable transit times
  • Have a sustainable corporate commitment 




  • Efficiency: Speed up your supply chain. A viable alternative option for time-sensitive cargo
  • Secure transportation connections: Excellent rail connections between China and Europe for more flexibility on your supply chain. Rhenus is represented en-route in China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus
  • Operational excellence: Dedicated operations teams at origin and destination to ensure safe and timely deliveries
  • Lower cost of supply chain: Reduced logistics costs. Cost vs lead time principle inventory in transit cost optimisation
  • Reliability: Fixed departure schedules and reliable transit times allow you to increase planning reliability
  • Various routing options: Allowing stable supply chain management 

Landbridge adds value to your cargo

Fixed departure schedules, combined with reliable transit times and supported by Rhenus know-how, give you a competitive advantage for your cargo. Whether you need a sustainable replenishment solution for your production lines or require your goods to be at their points of sale on time. The landbridge is the ideal mode of transport for you.

Any questions?

Our personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with everything you need for your train transport.

Our transit time

As your trusted logistics service provider, we firmly stand by our commitment to deliver reliable transit times.
Our complete schedules are downloadable and updated quarterly. This allows you to plan your departures according to your requirements and needs.

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