Greater China Cross-Border Trucking

Cross-border trucking is transportation by road between China and Asia/ Europe. It is one of the objectives of The Belt and Road Initiative, which strives to develop an international trucking network in the region that links major cities, ports and airports to major destinations in China.

Why Choose Cross-Border Trucking

Why Choose Cross-Border Trucking

Cross-border trucking between China and ASEAN countries is becoming a highly efficient and cost-effective method of transportation. The shorter transit times compared to ocean freight and lower cost compared to air freight make it an optimum solution for customers dealing with the ASEAN market.

Cross-Border Trucking between China and ASIAN Countries

We offer door-to-door LTL and FTL trucking solutions. Our FTL network covers Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Hong Kong. Our LTL line haul connects Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We also have customs experts in place to ensure smooth and fast clearance at the borders.

Our cross-border service between China Mainland and Hong Kong is a highlight. We have specialized double-license-trucks in different sizes that will fulfill customers’ different needs, even on public holidays. The double-license-truck eliminates the truck exchange procedure, which saves time and is more cost-efficient.

Cross-border trucking between China and Europe

Cross-border trucking is not only connecting our customers intra-Asia but also between Asia and Europe in a cost-efficient, fast and secure way. The service is offered for general, cargo and a preferred option for high value cargo and dangerous goods such as batteries.



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