You can see clothes at a Rhenus drycleaner. You can see clothes at a Rhenus drycleaner.

Warehousing solutions for the fashion industry

Logistics for the fashion industry is driven by short product life cycles, frequent changes in the product range, the volatility of trends and a global supply chain. The crucial elements are flexibility and responsiveness to meet the increasing challenges of this industry.


High-quality fashion logistics solutions

Retail, wholesale, and e-commerce logistics operations for the fashion industry require perfect fulfilment solutions at each process stage. The storage strategy and value-added services are determined by the products and marketing policy of a given brand. That is why Rhenus e-commerce projects for fashion are highly focused on a positive customer experience, and involve dedicated quality control, capable IT systems, a special packing strategy and a fast returns management.

Our benefits for your fashion logistics

  • High level of expertise as a result of a wide range of experience in fashion logistics projects
  • Deep product and industry know-how and experience in multi-site, multichannel and end-to-end supply chains
  • Customised solutions adapted to suit your needs and sales channels for e-commerce, wholesale, omnichannel and retail
  • Warehousing solutions including storage on hangers, compartment shelving systems and pallet and block storage as well as automation
  • Centrally located for major retailer distribution centres, stores and parcel carrier hubs

We help you grow your fashion business

We offer solutions that cross borders and grow internationally. Warehouse capabilities across Greater China and an exchange of knowledge between projects allow Rhenus Greater China to provide international fulfilment operations for fashion business in B2B and B2C channels. We support you in your business growth and continue to find new solutions and sites in a true partnership approach.


Fashion industry experience you can rely on

Rhenus Greater China offers flexibility and responsiveness to changes while dealing with massive fluctuations of volumes in fashion logistics. Product and process knowledge is indispensable in order to provide a best-in-class warehousing operation. Our experienced staff and best practices at each stage of the warehouse operations stand for quality and effectiveness, especially during high season. All our deliveries are booked in and supported by manifests and proof of delivery (POD) to assure on-time delivery tracking.


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