Green logistic

As a concern of environment rises, more and more companies begin to take account of the environmental impact of logistics activities. Green logistics is the way to help achieve a more sustainable balance among economics, environment, and society

Green Logistics Initiative: RHEGREEN

Green Logistics Initiative: RHEGREEN

RHEGREEN is the world's first CO2 reduction program in airfreight.  It provides better understanding regarding the airfreight consumption rate and distances for various shipments executed by the company.



RHEGREEN is a calculation method based on available types of equipment, fuel consumption and distances to be covered. The world’s first CO2 reduction program, RHEGREEN calculates which aircraft is most efficient in terms of CO2 emissions per route. Validated by an external agency, RHEGREEN can you help you make a CO2 reduction of 10 to 40 percent per shipment.*

RHEGREEN is currently offered on flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and Hong Kong. And from Brussel to Shanghai and Frankfurt to New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong, with plans to expand to more destinations in the upcoming phases.



*based on long haul flights


RHEGREEN gives you the opportunity to choose the most efficient aircraft from a sustainability point of view. Not only can you reduce emissions but you can also communicate this to your stakeholders within the framework of your CSR policy.


Quality you can count on

For decades, Rhenus has been at the forefront of air freight shipping and is reputable for its quality in transporting time-sensitive goods. With an immense network around the world and years of experience, we can provide individualised logistical solutions to suit your needs and requirements for the services.




Rhenus Greater China offers the most efficient and effective air freight services in the market. On top of speed, price, punctuality and reliability, RHEGREEN provides a sustainable choice.