Greater China Local Road Freight

Rhenus manages dozens of domestic transportation suppliers to ensure the highest service level is provided. We have distribution centres in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and implement distribution in 43 main cities in mainland China, covering around 400 second-level cities.

Why Choose local road freight solutions

Why Choose local road freight solutions

We provide road freight solution within Greater China, allowing safe, reliable and punctual delivery with optimum transit times.

Customised Solutions

Rhenus Greater China provide logistical solutions for various cargo types that are customisable to your needs and requirements. We have a vast network of 18 offices in the major cities of China and a dedicated team to handle the cargo of our clients. 


Service Quality Guarantee

We establish a service quality assessment system to review and monitor the operation quality and safety of the sub-supplier to ensure our valuable customers receive the best services. Every cargo taken care of by Rhenus has GPS, so your shipments can be tracked easily. If needed,  we can generate the tracking and trace report for our clients.


Insurance Support

We commit to send the cargo safely at all times to our customers. That means having insurance coverage on cargo, trucks and drivers. We customize all insurance schemes based on the cargo values and claims requirements.


Where do you want to ship from?

Let us advise you to solve all your logistics needs.

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