Warehousing Solutions for food AND BEVERAGES

Rhenus Philippines offers reliable and efficient warehouse logistics solutions for businesses in the food and beverages industry. We offer highly secured, temperature-controlled warehouses and supply chain solutions for just in time or just-in-sequence transportation.



In this industry, companies need to source a reliable logistics provider to provide efficient warehouse logistics solutions to help meet the demands efficiently. Rhenus Philippines offers highly secured, temperature-controlled warehouses and supply chain for transportation just in time or just-in-sequence. You can entrust us with your products including food raw materials and products such as soya, biscuits and chips for warehousing, transportation, and customs documentation. Supporting facilities and equipment such as PVC curtains and screens are in place. Pest control is also regularly practised.

Our IT systems not only support intelligent merchandise management processes ranging from procuring raw materials to supplying your trading partners, but also enable you to track your batch and its product life cycle along the complete logistics chain until it reaches the shelf. Rhenus Philippines offers you an all-round carefree package: building displays, managing special offers, packaging services, piecing together items, labelling and naturally all the transport services that you require.

The types of products encountered under the heading of consumer goods are just as varied as the different requirements for storing and handling them. We will be happy to be your competent partner and offer you far-reaching opportunities in the field of warehousing, picking, consolidation etc. Regardless of whether this involves procurement, production or distribution logistics – we are happy to support you with our many years of expertise and offer you interesting solutions for specific products.

Even the best winemakers cannot make a top wine if the fresh must begins to ferment on the way to the winery. Our temperature-controlled transport services ensure that the cold chain for special products is maintained and the goods reach the next point in the production and supply process with the necessary quality.

Smart phones from a Chinese factory, cheese from the Swiss mountains, spirits from Russia – the range of consumer goods products is as international as the purchasers of these items. Using our global network of business centres and partners, we organise the intercontinental shipment of your goods, e.g. using maritime shipping services to optimise freight costs, and we use our inland waterway and seaport terminals and cross-docking warehouses to tranship them safely and quickly. As an alternative we also offer fast delivery by airfreight. Our international transport management solutions also include handling customs services for you.

The warehousing services provided at our multi-user centres require sound support for processing information and data. Permanent inventories of stocks, printing barcode labels or blocking a batch in line with your instructions received via the Internet do not pose a problem because of the IT applications that we use for warehouse management purposes. By creating software interfaces between manufacturers, retailers and logistics services providers, we can shape processes in a transparent way for all those involved.

We can handle the construction and filling of displays and form sets for you and your products, for example. But our responsibility for your goods does not end when we deliver them to retailers. We have the necessary personnel and equipment to provide precise disposal services at the central warehouses and stores where we deliver goods – and do this for all kinds of sales packaging or other types of waste containing materials that can be recycled.

Our office systems department and its Internet-based document logistics open the door for you to have permanent access to your data. You can keep an eye on communications with your suppliers or retailers thanks to our solutions for digitalising your files. Naturally, we also offer data administration services in the physical realm too – for example, by destroying documents that are no longer needed or by taking over your mail room.

Benefits of Rhenus warehousing solutions

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Many years of knowledge in managing cargo for various industries
  • Strong knowledge in approval procedures for the storage of your food products
  • Transport-independent solutions
  • Transparency
  • Single point of contact

Assured quality for your food products

  • Our warehouses are certified based on current standards for the storage and handling of your temperature sensitive food products.
  • Rhenus values the quality of its logistics services. Hence, Quality control is implemented whenever needed to ensure your goods are delivered according to your specifications.

A strong location network

  • Strategic location in the central of Philippines
  • 18,700 square metres of storage space for goods
  • Warehouses close to your production sites and in-house solutions

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