Rhenus Fleet

Rhenus Philippines has its own fleet of ten-wheelers, six-wheelers, four-wheelers and express delivery vehicles.

The Infrastructure Behind Our Operations

The Infrastructure Behind Our Operations

Recent years have seen endless technological developments in the automotive industry. That's why we continually invest in our fleet, whether that means expanding our range of vehicles, installing the latest telematics systems, or exploring new environmentally-friendly solutions.

  • We strive to ensure that our fleet of vehicles is not only diverse enough to cover any size consignment, but also that it's agile enough to offer our clients efficient and economic solutions.

  • All of our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art real-time GPS tracking technology, not only to ensure the safety of our drivers, but also to give you an unrivalled service level, rapid deliveries, and full access to data about your consignments.

  • The data stream from in-cab units is matched with online order entry and POD retrieval to provide a complete, minute-by-minute picture of delivery status, meaning you'll be able to track your delivers whenever you like.

  • The fleet consists of artics, rigids and vans, fitted with a variety of features, from units with tail-lifts, to double-deck trailers and traditional curtain-siders.

  • Our drivers are highly experienced and fully vetted in all aspects of vehicle safety, and undergo full in-house training and assessment on customer service and becoming an ambassador for Rhenus Philippines and your brand.

  • Rhenus Philippines has some of the best drivers in the industry. Our dedicated transport team has over 120 years combined experience, their extensive knowledge ensures a smooth, reliable, and on-time delivery service not only when it matters, but every time.


High-quality and secure delivery standards

  • We provide consistent, secure and timely deliveries of your goods
  • High visibility of your shipments from collection to delivery
  • Experienced and devoted experts to guarantee quality transports

Benefits of Choosing Rhenus Fleet

  • Diverse and agile to provide efficient and economic solutions.

  • High visibility with state-of-the-art real-time GPS tracking technology
  • Dedicated employees to ensure the safety of your items

Our commitment to punctual deliveries

We provide express and convenient services for time-critical transports to suit your individual needs or requirements.