Specialised transport solutions

Committed to handling complex global projects, we utilise our network offices and agents to offer the most efficient and economical solutions. We provide end-to-end supply chain management for specialised transports in adherence to budgets and deadlines while foreseeing and mitigating risks.

Designing transports from start to finish

Designing transports from start to finish

The use of individual modes of transport and the location of the transshipment places are essential factors for planning project logistics chains. Fewer intermediate stages within a transport chain lessen the outlay and risk of damage. At the same time, multimodal transport chains offer advantages in terms of costs and carbon footprint. Specialised transport projects constantly require individual approaches as the nature of the goods involved, the transport routes and the origin and destinations all differs.

Our services for specialised transports

Chartered and scheduled ocean freight services

We sustain close contacts with international shipping companies owing to our decades of experience. Because Rhenus Philippines ships immerse volumes of goods by sea, we are able to utilise good shipping rates with operators of scheduled maritime services and match them precisely to your requirements. Our network not only includes the well-known major shipping companies, but also smaller shipping companies with specialised vessels for unusually heavy goods. This allows us to combine high quality with fair prices.

We also have high expertise in the field of chartering sea freight services. You can either book the complete hold on board a vessel or just part of it. We do not leave you hanging when it comes to planning the proper stowage for your heavy goods, either. The skilled employees in our technology department, including trained shipbuilding engineers, can provide all-round advice and support. 

Shipments with excess dimensions or weight

One main focus of our portfolio is shipping goods with excess dimensions or extreme weight. Starting with the planning work for your consignment, moving on to obtaining the permits from the road traffic authorities and even completing the project, we remain very firmly in control of the situation. This means that there is one contact partner and total transparency for you. We work with qualified partners to make available the essential equipment when organising consignments with excess dimensions or high weight. This provides you with a great benefit: We are very flexible when selecting the right partner and its types and combinations of vehicles – which allow us to reduce the costs for our customers.

Ensuring safe transport of your goods

Moisture, heat, cold or height: Goods in transit on board are sometimes exposed to very intense stresses and strains, depending on the transport route and even the time of year. The freight is also subject to tough conditions when it is moved from one mode of transport to another. It is imperative to pack many items to withstand the weather and impacts because of possible vibrations or fluctuations in temperature or climatic changes. We can handle the packaging of your heavy-duty goods in line with HPE packaging standards. This is especially true of bulky parts with large dimensions, which do not fit in standardised containers. This allow us to provide high-quality, perfect packaging to meet your requirements and protect your freight.

One contact for all queries

With Rhenus, you receive an assigned contact partner for all your shipments so you don’t have to worry about whom to be in touch with. This also enables us to know and understand your business and offer dependable and effective solutions.


Focusing on key tasks

The more we learn about your business, the better service we are able to give. This allows you to focus on more crucial aspects of your project, improving productivity and the quality of the service provided to your client.


Reduce risks of delay

As a part of our extensive and proactive planning, we interpret and recommend transport solutions based on your project deadline and budget, thereby reducing risks of delays.


Any questions?

Your personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessities for your transport.

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