Warehousing solutions for Construction

Building projects usually take a long span of time. Rhenus Philippines is your trusted partner for the storage of your building materials throughout the construction phases and ensures punctual deliveries when necessary.


Solutions for the Construction Industry

Building projects are usually planned for a long time in advance. But suppliers have to provide building materials to building sites at short notice when the actual construction work gets underway: the materials have to arrive in good time, construction phases require punctual deliveries and packaging has to be disposed of. As a result, intelligent production and sales planning and flexible warehousing and distribution are crucial for the producers and suppliers of building materials in order to guarantee availability, even at peak demand periods.

We can handle domestic and international transport services for building materials by seagoing and inland waterway vessels or truck – right to the building site, if necessary. We provide storage areas and have the necessary special equipment to handle large-volume and bulky goods. Also airfreight solutions via partial or full charter can be found in our portfolio.

Permanent supplies of building materials are required in order to complete the construction work on a building. We handle the port transhipment operations and, if necessary, the video monitoring of intermediate storage areas at the Rhenus seaport and inland waterway ports for building materials that come from far away.

Reliable storage handling is required at the building site too. This is essential if companies are going to locate goods quickly and keep an eye on stocks at all times. It is also important to carry out quality checks to prevent any damage and soiling of the items. You will not waste any time with us: we pick up your goods from our regional warehouses and deliver them to the relevant construction stage.

Building parts do not just have to be transported to the building site within a country. The production site and building project are often located in different countries. As well as having specific knowledge of the national customs regulations, good contacts with the relevant customs authorities make customs clearance operations easier and reduce waiting times. As a logistics services provider with global operations, we help you to register your imported goods (electronically) around the world.

We have a customs broker licence in Philippines to handle imports and exports. Our bonded warehouse allows a smooth process and guarantee that customs clearance will be provided within 24 hours.

Moving large items or oversized packages not only requires expertise gained from experience, but also suitable equipment like reach stackers, heavy-duty platforms and special cranes. Special permits have to be obtained for the transport route and checks have to be made on special features like bridges. Your heavy goods are in the right hands – with our broad network of many branches, our own project team and our international project experience.

Benefits of Rhenus warehousing solutions

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Many years of knowledge in managing cargo for various industries
  • Strong knowledge in approval procedures for the storage of contruction goods
  • Transport-independent solutions

Assured quality for your construction goods

  • Our warehouses are certified based on current standards for the storage and handling of your construction products.
  • Rhenus values the quality of its logistics services. Hence, Quality control is implemented whenever needed to ensure your goods are delivered according to your specifications.

A strong location network

  • Strategic location in the central of Philippines
  • 18,700 square metres of storage space for goods
  • Warehouses close to your production sites and in-house solutions

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