You can see a lot of stacked containers at a port from above You can see a lot of stacked containers at a port from above

LCL Shipping: Less-Than-Container-Load Logistics

Less-than-container-load (LCL) represents ocean freight shipments of lower volume that do not require full-container capacity. Multiple shipments from different customers are clustered to create a consolidation, enabling cost advantages.

 Our LCL Services – Your Advantages

Our LCL Services – Your Advantages

The consolidation of multiple shipments from different customers means you divide the transportation costs in comparison to full container loads (FCL). Moreover, LCL ocean freight is a great economical option for less time-sensitive airfreight shipments, not only lessening costs but also improving your environmental footprint.

Freight Options for Your LCL Shipment

You can choose between these freight options: Seaport-to-seaport, door-to-door, seaport-to-door or door-to-seaport transport. Let us find the best possible option and route for your shipments.

Out of the multitude of direct services that the Rhenus Group offers, Rhenus Philippines offers more than 50 import and export lanes for premium, weekly consolidation services from Europe to the Philippines, and vice versa. Local expertise and in-depth experience allow us to provide tailored solutions for varying industry needs. Our customer service includes reliable operational support and one point of contact will attend to any shipment enquiries – including unusual assignments.

These, and other notable value-added services, make Rhenus Philippines the perfect choice for your shipping requirements.

Quality you can count on

The Rhenus core carrier programme offers the most optimal possible transit times, space and equipment availability in tandem with cost advantages for its customers’ LCL shipments.

Rhenus Philippines sustains close relationships with preferred shipping companies. As a result, we can always offer the needed cargo space at competitive prices – even in peak season. Additionally, your planning security can be ensured through fixed timetables with timely groupage departures from Asian ports.


Benefits of sending your LCL with Rhenus

  • Global service at competitive prices
  • The Rhenus gateway service – globally-orientated and locally-focused
  • Supply chain optimisation with fixed departures and reliable transit times
  • Centralised control tower operation
  • Support in opening up new markets
  • Competitive and flexible pricing – our services are cost-effective and designed with maximising efficiency in mind
  • Fast transit times – with efficient systems in place, we will deliver well within the required deadline
  • One point of contact – one reliable and experienced expert will be in charge per project and will be with you every step of the way

Reliable transit times

Rhenus Philippines provides global LCL services at competitive prices. End-to-end solutions within a worldwide network ensure supply chain and transit time optimisation.

Also, our lean and regulated processes guarantee punctual delivery at any given station, and cargo arriving at Asian seaports is swiftly forwarded by truck, rail and inland barge via our hubs.



Loading, unloading, and pick up services to dedicated warehouses

Labelling, packing, palletising, sorting, weighing, measuring, physical inspection and inventory management

AtRIG, CO forms, processing of local permits, CP/LTO processing, diplomatic cargo clearance

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