Warehousing solutions for Agriculture

Agriculture and forestry products are used in many locations. Rhenus Philippines can assist in the storage of products and ensure safe handling following your specifications.


Your Partner for Agriculture & Forestry

Agricultural and forestry products are used in many places – whether this is a patio made of mahogany, wood pellets to fire a power station or fertiliser for a corn field. The logistics operations for the agricultural and wood industry are just as varied. Our services include transporting tropical timber, storing fertilisers and animal feed so that they are not affected by vermin, sawing logs or drying cut timber. We have special fertiliser sheds to safely store your agricultural products and the right equipment to handle all kinds of forestry goods like logs, sawn timber, wooden panels, wood veneer or waste wood. We also supply biomass power stations and production plants for bio-fuels.

Agricultural and forestry products often have to cover huge distances from the country of origin to the place where they will be used before being processed there. Our maritime and inland waterway port terminals act as interfaces for global transport chains for raw materials and finished products. We can link up the inland waterways with our compact network of port facilities, and we have the necessary equipment to tranship and store bulk commodities and break bulk cargo and transport these materials to inland destinations using multi-modal transport services.

Flexibility in logistical support services is particularly required at harvest time. By making use of our compact transport network, we deliver agricultural machines to the location that you set, particularly during the product-related peak phase for the agricultural or forestry product in question, and supply you with the spare parts that you require quickly in the event of any damage taking place so that you do not have to interrupt the harvesting work longer than necessary. We also transport seeds or plant protection products and fertilisers for you.

Benefits of Rhenus warehousing solutions

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Many years of knowledge in managing cargo for various industries
  • Strong knowledge in approval procedures for the storage of hazardous goods
  • Transport-independent solutions

Assured quality for your agriculture goods

  • Our warehouses are certified based on current standards for the storage and handling of your agricultural or forestry products.
  • Our flexibility in logistical support services is particularly essential during harvest time
  • Rhenus values the quality of its logistics services. Hence, Quality control is implemented whenever needed to ensure your goods are delivered according to your specifications.

A strong location network

  • Strategic location in the central of Philippines
  • 18,700 square metres of storage space for goods
  • Warehouses close to your production sites and in-house solutions

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