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Our warehouse solutions and services

Rhenus Philippines offers a range of warehouse logistics solutions such as multi-user, in-house and dedicated solutions. We also provide warehousing management and value-added services following industry practices and standards to optimize your operations through our logistics expertise.


IT Competence: Own Warehouse Management System

We optimise through standard solutions or in-house developed systems

Operation and management of stock are in a well organised, paperless and transparent manner. Flow-through, cross-docking, just-in-time and elimination of out-of-stock merchandise are also offered. Depending on your needs and on the characteristics of the warehouse processes, we can either activate a configurable market solution or implement our in-house developed Rhenus warehouse management system. With the WMS market solutions, you can benefit from the innovations available in global supply chains and sectors and quickly configure specific solutions for your processes. The in-house developed WMS can be configured and developed to match any individual requirement. Our WMS are solid, secure, run on ISO 27001 (tier 4) compliant platforms and are 24/7 supported.



Value-added services

Services beyond warehousing for your supply chain

Value-added services (VAS) are part of our core competences. We have a very high level of expertise in this area for products and customers from numerous industries such as e-commerce, retail, fashion, medical devices & life sciences, chemicals, FMCG, media & merchandising, electronics as well as manufacturing & engineering. Our various VAS activities include returns processing, gift wrapping, quality control, kitting, set building, co-packing, product refinement activities, display construction and much more. Please contact us, we will find a solution for your special needs.



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Our cross-docking services

We help to link manufacturers to you

Smart phones from a Chinese factory, cheese from the Swiss mountains – the range of consumer goods products is as international as the purchasers of these items. Using our global network of business centres and partners, we organise the intercontinental shipment of your goods, e.g. using maritime shipping services to optimise freight costs, and we use our inland waterway and seaport terminals and cross-docking warehouses to tranship them safely and quickly. As an alternative we also offer fast delivery by airfreight. Our international transport management solutions also include handling customs services for you.


Storage of dangerous goods

We are certified and registered

For many years, we have provided a specialised service for the storage of liquid chemicals, oxidising agents, flammable and compressed gases, poisons, powders and granules, both packed and in bulk – in fact, the majority of hazardous cargo classifications. Furthermore, our dangerous goods qualified staff ensure that we are up-to-date with all aspects of handling dangerous goods. As a company we monitor our operations to ensure they conform to the latest environmental guidelines. 




Rhenus Philippines provides precise and continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in selected warehouses. This handling method allows us to guarantee optimal conditions in the warehouse for the storage of your high-quality and sensitive goods, until they continue on their journey. Our warehouses are built according to current and prospective environmental regulations and energy saving measurements. To assure ideal storage conditions for your products, we control the temperature and monitor the humidity within the warehouses to keep it at the optimal level. To maintain a cold chain in the warehouses, separate gates, handling and storage areas exist for each of the temperature zones. Freezers are usually equipped with backup energy sources in the event a power outage occurs. We also connect it with our temperature monitoring alarm systems.



Different types of storage and food handling solutions 

Rhenus Philippines offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to its customers through current experience in general, dangerous goods, food grade, halal grade, temperature controlled, bonded and free zone storage and handling. We store food raw materials and products, such as soya, biscuits and chips based on your unique needs for warehousing. Our highly secured warehouse ensures the safety of your products and transparency for your goods.




Rhenus Philippines aims to ensure our customers a safe, cost-efficient and environmental friendly waste disposal on top of providing reliable services for storing and transporting goods. We can handle the construction and filling of displays and form sets for you and your products, since our responsibility for your goods does not end when we deliver them to retailers. We have the necessary personnel and equipment to provide precise disposal services at the central warehouses and stores where we deliver goods – we do this for all kinds of sales packaging or other types of waste containing materials that can be recycled. Rhenus Philippines also develops customized concepts that go beyond basic waste disposal. Besides the collection and actual destruction of your waste, we offer you a throughout documentation of waste disposal processes including all necessary certificates. Our waste disposal process includes collection of waste, document destruction and verification management.


In-house solution

Let Rhenus optimise your warehouse operations

To increase productivity, reduce costs and allow optimisation, the in-house solution can be implemented, which involves a full or partial takeover of the operation of your warehouse, factory and production logistics. Rhenus Philippines will analyse your process landscape to provide a relevant warehouse management system and reporting structure. To integrate seamlessly into your production processes, we will implement flexible personnel and equipment concepts.

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Multi-user solution

Integrated logistics at a multi-client location

With a multi-user solution, your individual warehouse logistics are integrated into a multi-client location. We create flexibility advantages for you, for example in the areas of personnel and storage space utilisation. In a multi-user logistics centre, we are able to cushion seasonal fluctuations much better through shared services and solutions.

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Dedicated solution

We manage an exclusive warehouse for you

This means the construction of a new warehouse by Rhenus for your exclusive use. The advantages for you are risk-sharing with regards to the investment in a new warehouse or the transfer of the process control, IT, equipment, personnel and technology responsibility into our hands. Our dedicated logistics solutions address the individual needs of your industry already in the construction phase of a new warehouse.

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Rhenus Integration System

Transparency for your business – always and everywhere

Rhenus Philippines aims for transparent service, processes and continuous innovation. We provide a transparent view of our warehouses within our own IT solution. The Rhenus Integration System offers an overview of the real-time process such as daily order volume which allows businesses to focus on their core business and conveniently monitor their order situation via an app on their smartphone.


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