You can see the charging process of a big airplane You can see the charging process of a big airplane

Air Freight Charter Services

Full and split charter services organise dedicated aircraft to

transport huge volumes of goods or oversized cargo. This choice affords the shipper a degree of flexibility with regard to departure times and secures a fast and secureair cargo transport.

Why a Charter Service Is a Good Choice

Why a Charter Service Is a Good Choice

If your air cargo requires rigorous security, enormous capacity or high flexibility, a charter service can be the most convenient solution. Rhenus provides you with the choice to choose either a split or full charter service customised to suit whatever needs you may have.

Options for Your Charter Service

A full charter service provides you with the whole use of an aircraft for your cargo. If this is chosen, departure times are usually more flexible, as space isn’t shared with others.

Customers share the cargo capacity of the aircraft by means of a split service, which is favorable when your freight volumes do not make up a full plane load, but the cargo is in high demand at the destination.

Benefits of choosing charter services of Rhenus

  • Rhenus Philippines offers transparent and competitive pricing options and will negotiate the best aircraft charter deals available to suit your needs
  • Quality service with decades of experience as experts in aircraft chartering
  • Regular updates to keep customers in the loop at every stage of the journey
  • Never compromising on security or safety to protect the goods being transported
  • Vigorous customs declaration policies

Quality you can count on

For many years, Rhenus Philippines has been at the leading edge of air freight shipping and is considered a label of quality for the transportation of time-sensitive goods. With a wide network worldwide and years of experience, we can offer individualised shipping solutions to match the needs of customers looking for the best charter services available.

With excellent customer service and representatives on hand 24 hours a day, we make the end-to-end process as smooth flowing as possible.


Ensuring punctual deliveries

We acknowledge how time is crucial for any air freight shipment. Whether it’s regular air freight, or the transportation of more unusual goods, such as perishables: Rhenus Philippines offers the most efficient charter services on the market.

With a committed team of customs clearance specialists, the customs process following transportation can be as swift as possible.


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