The Rhenus warehouse management system

The flexibility of our WMS allows for modifications to suit the needs of individual customers, including changes to product data, inventory management, order management, and EDI capabilities.

Rhenus warehouse management system (WMS)

Rhenus warehouse management system (WMS)

  • Global standard and Best-Practices
  • Connected and Integrated
  • Customer requirement flexibility and In-house capabilities
  • Benchmark KPI reports
  • Investment protection // JDA Dispatcher customers (e.g. DHL, DB Schenker, CEVA Logistics, TOLL, Hellmann Logistics, DSV, Panalpina, Silk Logistics)

INNOVATIVE & state-of-the-art suite

  • Business Analytic – QlikSenseBusiness Analytic – QlikSense

New management reporting tools and customer KPI reporting function integrated with QlikSense allowing user from a specific target group to have a clear overview of the business transactions in terms of storage volume, handling in and handling out and inventory level, business and financial information can easily be integrated as well as customer KPI monitoring for end customers or end users.

  • Third Party Billing Module

The third party billing module allow the application to support the customer billing process by capturing every single billable transaction and ensure that they are properly recorded and invoiced at the end of each billing cycle.

  • System Integration (EDI, API, etc.)

JDA supports about all of data integration model both EDI, API, Web Service. Allowing us to easily integrate with third party systems like customer declaration system or with customer ERP / SAP systems.

  • USPCustomer Web Portal

Socius24 commonly know as USP provides customer with visibility of all warehouse activity and the ability to keep track of their inventory level on real time basis.

* We plan to replace USP / Socius24 by Qlik reports (viewing stock, order status and basic reports in the FL Portal) an add-on to our FL Weborder (Warehouse order) in 2021/22.

  • RhenusWMS Powered by JDA

Cover whole spectrum of warehousing operations both inbound, outbound, inventory control and management, yard management.


Labor Management

  • Workforce planning, schedule optimization, compliance / KPI



Distributed Order Management

  • Orders can be sourced from multiple warehouse locations



Inbound Operations

  • Knowing what is being shipped from suppliers and when it will arrive
  • Assigning storage space and manpower before the cargo arrives


  • Standing appointment management
  • PO and pick list management
  • Dock location assignment
  • Cross-docking management
  • System directed put-away
  • Dispose or destroy management
  • Replenishment
  • Inventory tracking based on SKU attributions: Lot number / expiration dates with variable ageing, serial numbers, country of origin
  • Cycle counting with 99% accuracy
  • Real-time visibility

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