The Rhenus warehouse management system

The flexibility of our WMS allows for modifications to suit the needs of individual customers, including changes to product data, inventory management, order management, and EDI capabilities.

Rhenus warehouse management system (WMS)

The Rhenus WMS aids supply chains in aligning inventory management and fulfilment services with modern technology, real-time visibility and scalability. It enables you to integrate with multiple systems to support complex, multichannel fulfilment processes.

IT capabilities and real-time visibility

Our cloud-based warehouse management system ‘RHENUS WMS’ developed in-house can be used for standard warehouse operations with key features such as:

  • Fully bar code- and HHT-enabled workflow
  • Integration with customer ERP via EDI or API for ASN and orders
  • Flexible workflows, e.g. serial number-based movement of material, expiry management, kitting management, etc.
  • Customer interface with control tower like dashboards on the web as well as on a mobile
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi enabled real-time barcode scanning devices for higher productivity and dedicated radio frequency (RF) tower equipment for high throughput operation
  • Box and unit level scanning
  • Billing contract management
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Inventory visibility across warehousing operations

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