Warehousing for engineering and manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing customers are usually very selective. No two customers have the same needs. We provide solutions that are custom-made and support our customers in developing efficient and lean logistics solutions to optimise their manufacturing processes.


Benefit from our engineering and manufacturing expertise

Some of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies benefit from our expertise and services. Technological development and the globalised markets keep moving forward – and so do we. From storage and transportation of small to very large components up to highly sophisticated set-ups. Our comprehensive services including warehousing and distribution coupled with integrated WMS and TMS systems ensures real-time visibility from order to delivery. The integration with customers’ ERP enables regular updates to the customer.

Rhenus India provides customised solutions as per the customer requirements. We customise our warehouses, racking systems and material handling equipment. Handling heavy equipment through open yards, heavy-duty racking and use of hydra cranes have been regular features in some of our warehouses with engineering and manufacturing materials. Storage of components ranging from small to bulky parts (1 MT to 5 MT weight) offers flexibility to our customers in the Rhenus warehouses.

Regional distribution centres

Rhenus India has been partnering with the global leaders in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Our regional distribution centres located at strategic engineering and manufacturing hubs across India enable storage and handling of finished goods and spare parts, along with managing export operations including export packaging.

  • Bhiwandi
  • Gurugram
  • Sanand
  • Bengaluru
  • Bhubhaneswar

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