You can see a huge containership in a port You can see a huge containership in a port

Buyer’s and seller’s consolidation

Rhenus India provides consolidation services for both buyers and sellers in the realm of ocean freight shipments. Through the amalgamation of your less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments into a full-container load (FCL), significant cost and resource savings can be achieved.

You can see a comic drawing of an airplane and an airport.

Why Rhenus for consolidation services?

  • The greatest advantage is reducing your landed cost. Since you would have a full container load (FCL), there would be no need to de-consolidate your cargo at a CFS, thereby eliminating extra handling and transportation fees.
  • Bypassing the CFS means your cargo will be handled less, which reduces the transit time.
  • Reduced handling reduces the risk of damage to your goods.

Buyer’s and seller’s consolidation services

Buyer’s consolidation services combine less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments from different suppliers that share a common consignee. The shipments are consolidated at a central consolidation centre, loaded into a dedicated container and sent to their destination as a full-container load (FCL).

Seller’s consolidation services provide for the scenario of multiple shipments from the same origin loaded into one FCL container by the seller or supplier. It is then sent to the port of destination, where the individual shipments are unloaded and distributed to various buyers or consignees.

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