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  • Assured transit times vs ocean freight rollovers
  • Door-to-door service vs port-to-port by ocean freight
  • Seamless integrated IT-enabled services
  • Round-the-clock customs clearance
  • Pan-Indian offices with direct road transportation devoid of transshipment and complete tracking in transit
  • Easier availability of containerised trucks compared to ocean containers. Overall, cost-effective solution for cross-border trucking

Connecting the SAARC for you

The international Rhenus network enables you to deliver shipments throughout Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan by road, within the shortest lead times. Cross-border trucking to SAARC nations offers you reliable transit times compared to ocean freight rollovers and also offers door-to-door service vis-à-vis port-to-port by ocean. Integrated IT-enabled services with round-the-clock customs clearance and offices across India (devoid of transshipment) make this a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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