Careers at Rhenus India

Working at Rhenus India means: leveraging opportunities, contributing ideas, taking responsibility. In a working environment that is both global and local at the same time.



At Rhenus Logistics, it is a part of our job to predict tomorrow’s demand, today. No, we do not believe in magic or have a magical wand. What works for us is the total faith in our team. Working at Rhenus India means using opportunities, contributing ideas, taking responsibility. In a working atmosphere that is both global and local at the same time. Quick decisions, flat structures and a strong belief that the organization’s growth lay in how you grow here. Yes! We like ambitious people.

Your Opportunities

Take a Step Forward!

Our Management Trainee program

At Rhenus Logistics, trust is our greatest asset. And to grow that trust, we assign new graduates’ responsibilities in record time. The “Step Forward!” – Management Trainee program is open to everyone wishing to explore the full activity spectrum of a global player in the logistics industry. Since we also aim to groom candidates for future management positions, we are looking for people who aspire to leadership roles in global logistics.

“Step Forward!” runs for 18 - 24 months. You will get the opportunity to be exposed to different business units & experience. We put you through six-month projects. International work experience (under exchange program) to all deserving. Ofcourse regular feedback, individual mentoring and in-depth training will be a part of program. For your career in logistics it is important that we create a specialist in you.

Train at Rhenus Academy

We understand that a trained manager is good manager. Therefore, Rhenus Academy. Here, all     managers – from junior staff to board level – can train their skills.

Our aim is to bring you together across business units and internationally. To get diverse experiences and network expansion. We train you through our trainers and through our experienced partners.

You Are The Entrepreneur

As a team member, you are the boss who develops ideas, provide fresh impulses and takes up the cudgels. The entire operation is decentralized. This makes us invest our energies to work without restraint and jointly set great things in motion. This also benefits our customers. Our down-to-earth approach helps our vision to create entrepreneurs at every step of the way.

Our organizational structure with market-focused business units helps in doing this. We believe in the intelligence of the community and use it to create solutions for our customers. Based on individual requirements, we develop standards that make life easier for all of us. We encourage, support and give confidence so that individual initiative can develop freely.  We also understand that to err is human. So long as today’s mistakes inspire us to deliver better and make our clients happier tomorrow, we are happy.

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