Warehousing solutions for the automotive industry

Rhenus is your partner for integrated automotive logistics solutions and aftermarket spare parts logistics. OEMs and suppliers make extensive use of our strategically located warehousing network along with intercontinental transport solutions, whether by truck, rail air or sea.

Always one step ahead

Make use of the specialist Rhenus expertise in the field of automotive parts handling and transportation

  • We provide uninterrupted support for the production requirements of our customers through just-in-time deliveries from our Rhenus warehouses to the production line or in-plant management at your own premises.

  • We provide efficient pan-Indian spare parts management and distribution for our clients by means of innovative storage solutions such as lean storage systems and complete EDI integration of the Rhenus IT system with our clients’ ERP systems.

  • Rhenus warehousing solutions are also available overseas, and we support Indian exporters in the fulfilment of their end customers’ requirements for just-in-time deliveries and short order lead times at the destination using our overseas product warehousing.

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