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Warehousing Industry Solutions

Many industries have specific requirements for the warehousing of their products and goods. Rhenus India has many years of experience and know-how to best serve customers of these industries.


Our range of warehousing industry solutions in India

At Rhenus India, we offer specialised services for a variety of different industries.

Consumer (FMCD/ FMCG/ Electronics)

Fast-moving consumer durables (FMCDs) need to be handled very delicately. Since the goods are mostly electronic and mainly seasonal, we are aware of our customers’ challenges. We provide central and/or regional warehouses, sales warehousing and spare parts operations for several Fortune 500 companies. We customise our infrastructure, resources and IT solutions to meet the fluctuating seasonal demands of your end customers, while serving both B2B and B2C customers.

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Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals

Rhenus India is a preferred and trusted logistics partner for most of the global giants in chemical, petrochemical and agrochemical verticals. With many years of experience as well as our trained experts, we provide integrated logistics solutions and services through our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with fire protection systems and HSSEQ, including compliance, permission from the pollution control board (where applicable), WMS (warehouse management system with EDI capabilities) and TMS (transport management system with complete visibility from order to delivery management).

We understand your chemicals as well as you do! This is our speciality. No other logistics company in the world will offer you the scale, range, geographies, speed, quality, compliance and safety that we do.

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Healthcare & Life Science

Being in mission-critical mode in the pharma, life sciences and healthcare segment is the key. Which is why we develop supply chain solutions with you to ensure that time- and temperature-sensitive products reach their destination safely and on time. Being GDP-certified, we specialise in the storage within multiple temperature zones, cold-chain solutions, reverse logistics and advanced tracking and tracing technologies, which ensure total supply chain visibility, and reporting on merchandise flows across all modes of transport.

We serve several global giants dealing in lab ware products, API and diagnostic products through our central and/or regional warehouse operations, with box-in and unit-out operation services to the end customer across India. Our warehouse operations are some of the largest in the 4PL market.

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The multi-complex structures and supply chain of the automotive industry require expertise in the design of supply chain management, process planning and operations efficiency. This is because the delivery of components from numerous companies must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process. Our experienced team works with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions. Rhenus India offers integrated supply chain solutions including inbound procurement, production logistics and service parts distribution.

We partner with several Tier 1 automotive suppliers to provide JIT (just-in-time) and JIS (just-in-sequence) services to global giants in the passenger car segment. We also cater to several global automotive suppliers dealing in components, spare parts and accessories supplies to OEMs and the aftermarket dealer network across India.

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Industrial & Engineering

Rhenus provides cost-efficient logistics solutions at all steps of the supply chain to keep our customers agile and flexible in terms of their infrastructure and assembly capacities. From raw materials to semi-finished and finished goods – we supply your assembly station directly, just-in-time or just-in-sequence. Rhenus uses modern storage solutions to provide the right storage infrastructure for your products, whether they are raw materials, small and valuable goods or very large items.

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