Unloading and installation at jobsite

Rhenus Indonesia provides services at your job site to assist you in coordinating the loading, unloading and installation of goods to ensure that the transportation process is on time.



Rhenus Indonesia has the capability to provide specialist installation solutions with its service portfolio. We provide support for various sectors by offering well-rounded and comprehensive skill sets. Our extensive portfolio of services along with our experienced and trained installation specialists can support all on-site services.

Increasing dynamics of global markets and the strategic changeability of production are continuing to gain importance. The installation of new factories or the relocation of existing sites is a mammoth task for any company. Decisions must be carefully considered because they have long-term consequences and later changes are only possible with much time and resources. Rhenus Indonesia supports your company in handling all logistic tasks so that you can remain focused on production.

The dismantling and relocation of used industrial equipment requires management of the following challenges:

  • Estimation of transport volume in the absence of cargo specification (which is usually the case)
  • Organisation of dismantling and packing of cargo, whereby the coordination between dismantling and packing companies must be given
  • Issuing of cargo specification
  • Management of temporary storage for dismantled equipment (separation into dismantling, packing, loading and customs control areas)
  • Ordering of handling equipment like cranes, forklifts and staff
  • Management of handling operations
  • Ordering of transport equipment
  • Development of securement measures for transportation, all the way to issuing of operational manuals
  • Issuing of transport documentation
  • Management of customs formalities

The installation of industrial equipment at its new location includes:

  • Storage management for delivered equipment incl. 
      a. Storage plan
      b. Ordering of handling equipment and staff
  • Unpacking of cargo including stripping of containers
  • Coordination with installation company

BENEFITS OF Unloading and Installation

  • Reliability and efficiency through the entire logistical process 
  • We have years of experience in providing quality services and ideal logistical solutions
  • We ensure safe handling, loading, unloading and installation of your goods with high standards
  • We provide transparent and competitive pricing options to best suit your needs
  • We never compromise on security or safety throughout the transportation of goods

Experienced and dedicated team

Rhenus Indonesia has a team of experienced and dedicated logistical experts in handling your cargo. We ensure that suitable and necessary equipment is put in place at the job site to allow smooth delivery of your goods. With a dedicated team of customs clearance specialists, the customs process following transportation can be as fast as possible.



We ensure your needs are met

We understand your needs and requirements to your industry needs. We provide a single point of contact to provide customised solutions and plan for your supply chain. We appreciate how time is of the essence for any transportation needs, especially perishables. Hence, Rhenus Indonesia provides the most efficient charter services on the market. 


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