Rhenus Indonesia: Your project logistics expert

We are your specialized and reliable partner for heavy-duty transport services and project logistics. Rhenus Indonesia manages individual transport services by road or inland waterway and comprehensive projects that require complex preliminary planning and well-grounded knowledge.

Why choose Rhenus for project logistics?

Why choose Rhenus for project logistics?

With our worldwide network of business centres and a vast network of specialist project partners, experienced and reliable team member,  we provide a variety of services. These services involve inland waterways, coastal or deep-sea shipping, project logistics chains, transshipping heavy goods or transporting goods with excess dimensions or weights. Rhenus Indonesia engineers support you with technical expertise and logistics planning for your sensitive products – be it for the plant and mechanical engineering, construction, oil, gas or the wind power sector. 


The Rhenus Indonesia project logistics division was established in 2018 with a team of six experts from different backgrounds. Today, our team encompasses 20 members who consistently service project logistics for the various islands of Indonesia. We focus on the development and construction of infrastructure and the energy industry. Our specialised services include the planning, procurement and engineering of projects as well as the transport and positioning of all equipment, which is often oversized and needs to be transported to remote areas.
We ensure the coordination of your transport operations from beginning to end with attention to the small details and without losing sight of the overall goal for your domestic and international needs.


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