Port Logistics Services for project goods

Rhenus Indonesia assists you at our Rhenus port terminals to guarantee the smooth flow of supply chains on the Asian coast. We help you manage your cargo at our ports to arrange for the multimodal transhipment, transportation of goods and locations for temporary storage.



Rhenus is represented in many major ports with its terminals, offices or long-term partners. With our outstanding expertise in numerous branches of industries, we work with you to develop solutions to ensure that your goods and cargo reach their destination efficiently. We invested sustainably in infrastructural and superstructural expansion. We also organise pre-and-on-carriage to and from the hinterland and assist with the handling of customs formalities.

Our options Port Logistics Services

Rhenus Indonesia handles your cargo transhipment including all kinds of goods (bulk, break bulk, heavy lift, project cargo) and raw materials based on the latest standards between ships and other means of transport within the framework of multimodal transportation.


Seaports and inland ports represent the supporting pillars of freight traffic. However, they are rarely the starting or destination point within a transport chain. Rhenus Indonesia organises all pre-and post-carriage for you, regardless of what kind of goods are being transported.

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Importing goods from various origin countries or exporting to various destination countries must be declared to the customs authorities. Import duties such as customs duties and taxes must be paid. Rhenus Indonesia customs experts ensure that all the formalities involved in cross-border transport are handled efficiently.

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  • Rhenus Indonesia understands your viewpoints and think in your interests
  • We have years of experience in providing quality services and ideal logistical solutions
  • Our worldwide network across various countries
  • Our dedicated and experienced staffs
  • We provide transparent and competitive pricing options to best suit your needs
  • We never compromise on security or safety throughout the transportation of goods

Advantages for our port logistics

  • Improved backload options for inland deliveries, resulting in lower inland transport costs.
  • Opens up options for value addition - the ability to execute value-added activities as soon as the cargo has arrived, to fulfil your needs
  • Lower total costs across the supply chain - enhanced container utilisation, elimination of inland container haulage, and savings in direct deliveries to end customers or regional platforms

Our capabilities

  • Cargo handling
  • Pre-on-carriage transports
  • Customs clearance
  • Port facilities
  • Container assets
  • Supply chain management
  • Our network of preferred carriers

Any questions?

Any questions?

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Learn more about our performance
Learn more about our performance

Learn more about our performance

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