Chemikalien- und Gefahrgut-Handling im Hafen Chemikalien- und Gefahrgut-Handling im Hafen

Handling chemical and hazardous goods at the port

Safety and legal compliance are important when handling and storing chemicals and hazardous goods. Rhenus Indonesia applies the highest safety standards at its ports. This includes temperature-controlled storage and separate storage in specially equipped halls.

Sicherheit und Know-how für Chemiegüter

Safety and know-how for chemical goods

Safety is always the top priority when it comes to handling chemicals and hazardous goods. That is why our port sites are equipped with suitable facilities to protect the environment, our employees and the stored goods. This ensures a maximum level of safety and facilitates quality management.

Options for chemical storage

For the safe and legally compliant storage of chemicals and hazardous goods, some of our ports have storage facilities with appropriate fire protection technology and water protection measures.

For the handling of pharmaceutical products, we are certified according to the GMP+ guideline.

We offer professional and safe filling and decanting services for various liquids at selected locations.

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Rhenus is the specialist for hazardous goods

  • Safe and legally compliant handling of chemicals and hazardous goods according to the highest safety standards
  • Temperature-controlled storage, separate storage of different materials
  • Facilities designed to protect the environment, employees and stored goods provide a very high level of safety

Certified for safety and quality

Our certificates:

  • ISO 9001
  • GMP+
  • AEO

Safe delivery to the destination

  • Reliable tracking of your transport thanks to IT-integrated EDI
  • Our ports are an integral component of numerous national and international transport chains
  • We organise all pre- and post-carriages for you, incorporating rail as well as inland waterway and ocean-going vessels and trucks