Temporary Roads, bridges and jetties

Rhenus Indonesia provides temporary storage or arrangements for roads, bridges or at jetties for the convenience of your transportation to minimise delays.

Temporary storage for your convenience

Temporary storage for your convenience

Rhenus Indonesia provides temporary storage areas including stands, jacks, fencing and guards for your cargo during transportation before transiting from one mode of transportation to another. The storage space is also used to store equipment for construction and store cargo when they cannot enter the site due to civil works. Rhenus also creates or modifies infrastructure to aid the process of delivery and increase efficiency. We have created temporary infrastructure such as strengthened roads with metal plates, built temporary RoRo jetties and bridges. We also make temporary and permanent modifications to infrastructure such as power and telephone cable en route to the site after all necessary approvals. This modification includes temporary shut-down of power, railway crossings and traffic management with police escorts.


Benefits of project logistics

  • Rhenus Indonesia understands your viewpoints and think in your interests
  • Leverage of our worldwide network
  • Our dedicated and experienced staffs
  • We assist you throughout your logistical process from warehousing to transportation
  • We have decades of experience in providing quality services and ideal logistical solutions
  • We provide transparent and competitive pricing options to best suit your needs
  • We never compromise on security or safety throughout the transportation of goods


Rhenus Indonesia has years of experience in handling various cargo for your specific industry logistical needs. We manage various equipment for the construction of temporary roads, bridges and jetties for the smooth transportation of your goods. We offer customisable services by our highly qualified employees for the best logistical experience.



We appreciate how time is of the essence for any transportation needs, especially perishables. Hence, Rhenus Indonesia provides efficient services on the market by constructing temporary roads, bridges and jetties whenever possible and needed after conducting route surveys before the transportation.


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