Our deep sea shipping and chartering services

Maritime transport of goods on intercontinental routes across oceans is called deep sea shipping. Unlike container shipping, most types of cargo can be transported. Rhenus Vietnam provides deep sea shipping services for worldwide trade connections.

 You can see a drawing of a containership in a port

When to choose us for deep sea shipping

Rhenus Vietnam provides deep-sea chartering and transport services such as brokerage and charter management for worldwide trade lanes and markets. We are actively involved in the sector of spot chartering for dry bulk cargo, break bulk and project cargo with direct links to various shipowners. 

Our options for your deep sea shipments

We provide voyage charters for shipments that fill an entire vessel. We can handle various types of cargo, especially bulk and break bulk. For deep-sea transport, we charter vessels and ensure your goods reach their requested destination. Through our long-standing and close connections with reputed shipping companies, we can provide the timeliness of the delivery.

For smaller deep-sea shipments, we consolidate cargo from our clients into one vessel and ship them to your requested destination. Consolidated freight allows cost-efficiency to your advantage.

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Benefits of choosing Rhenus deep sea services

  • With Rhenus offices and our strong network worldwide, we can support you with shipments to and from anywhere
  • With our broad expertise at Rhenus Vietnam, we can provide you complete services along your supply chain and organise pick-up and final mile delivery catering to your needs

Assured quality for your global shipments

  • We maintain close and long-standing relationships with all major shipping companies as our reliable partners

Versatile services to meet your specific needs

  • We can handle any type of freight, from containers to bulk and break bulk, and from dangerous or liquid goods to heavy and oversized project cargo