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Rhenus in Vietnam: Facts and Figures

Rhenus Vietnam's presence in the Vietnamese market is essential to ensure coordination between manufacturers, retail industry, consignees, banks and carriers.

Ho Chi Minh City, located near the Mekong River delta is Vietnam's most important economic centre. It is a major production centre for consumer goods, like garments and shoes. As Vietnam gained WTO membership on 7 November 2006, its trade and investments volume grew further. The quality and dedication of Vietnamese workers are legendary, i.e. high-quality products can be sourced from this country.

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Established presence in Vietnam

Rhenus Vietnam was established in 2015.

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Strategic Location

Located strategically in Ho Chi Minh City, near the Mekong River delta.

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Dedicated and experienced logistics expert

Highly skilled employees providing various warehouse solutions.

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Industries we serve

We offer logistics solutions for industries throughout the entire supply chain, including multimodal transport, warehousing, customs clearance, and innovative value-added services internationally.

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