Container vessel in port at duskContainer vessel in port at dusk

Added flexibility with intermodal shipments

Rhenus Vietnam brings together various flexible routing options using road, rail, short sea, deep sea and inland waterways to get your shipments from their origin to their requested destination swiftly and efficiently.
Rhenus Intermodal Services

Solutions for Russia, CIS and Turkey

Intermodal services to Russia, Central Asia and other countries offer complete, secure, and sustainable supply chain solution through one point of contact. Not limited to a single transport mode, you can leverage better lead times, more vessels and departures, more space availability and a more efficient approach combining forwarding services using our assets such as container and vehicle fleet.



Short sea shipping is a highly recommended and sustainable modes of transport to Russia and Central Asia.

We provide services:

  • From Northern and Western Europe through the Baltic ports, including St. Petersburg
  • From Southern Europe and North Africa through the Black Sea ports, including Novorossiysk
  • From China and the Far East through Vladivostok / Vostochny

In St Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok, we have local teams to support port-forwarding services and delivery to your requested destination by road or rail.



Deep-sea shipping can provide competitive freight rate costs, especially for longer distances.

We provide the following solutions to Russia and Central Asia:

  • Port-to-port shipments
  • Door-to-door and door-to-port shipments (as part of our intermodal solutions)

In St Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok, we have local teams to support port-forwarding services and delivery to your requested destination by road or rail. Alternatively, we can also offer LCL and consolidation services.

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Tried and true benefits

  • Control tower operations
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Multiple-carrier concept for better lead times and greater capacities
  • One point of contact for your entire supply chain
  • Safe and secure modes of transport
  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Own assets (containers, vehicle fleet)
  • A diverse range of routing options and transport modes
  • A carrier-operating mentality like an entrepreneurial approach to building services and products
  • An extensive global service network
  • A strong focus on quality and HSE

Excellence in performance

  • Partnership with preferred and verified subcontractors

  • A sole operational system with standardised processes

  • Whole and transparent shipment visibility, including track & trace, status notifications and meaningful reporting

  • Focus on HSE topics, including subcontractor management, risk management, driver management and vehicle management

Reliable schedules and delivery times

We offer ideal transit times depending on your route, preferred transport mode, customs clearance point and final destination.

We offer reliable delivery schedules for every transport route, include regular departures (minimum weekly vessels) and fixed transit times.

Cargo arriving in St Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok is swiftly forwarded by the local teams and transported by rail or truck to its requested destination.

Our value-added services