Rhenus ship transport services for your freight

Ship transport is one of our core services. The transportation of goods from point A to point B by waterway is the most cost-effective and ecological transport option. At Rhenus Vietnam, we provide support through our tight-knit network of port locations and our years of experience in this industry.
Short sea shipping and inland navigation

Short sea shipping and inland navigation

Regardless of transportation in the hinterland along international rivers and canals or ship your goods across the sea, Rhenus Vietnam can develop the right solution including pre-carriage and onward carriage services. We also provide ocean freight services for containerised transport to various destinations globally.

Our Ship Transport Options

Our offers for your shipments

  • Chartering services
  • Ship agency
  • European coastal shipping
  • River-sea shipping
  • Door-to-door services
  • Customs clearance
  • Supply and disposal for tankers, e.g. bilge oil removal

Benefits of choosing Rhenus ship transport services

Rhenus Vietnam established its name for ship transport services. While maintaining excellent long-term partnerships with port and shipping companies, we use our ship fleet and assets at our port locations to offer you complete, transparent, 24/7 service.

Rhenus Locations in Vietnam