Vessels in port Vessels in port

Freight forwarding from the port

Rhenus Vietnam provides various operations at ports of transshipment, departure and destination. These include transit, import and export formalities, control of cargo handling operations and documentation flow as well as pre- and on-carriage by road or rail.

Port-forwarding services in Russia

Port-forwarding services in Russia

At the ports, we provide all port-forwarding services. Our experts have extensive experience with containerized, conventional, and oversized cargo port forwarding procedures. We maintain direct relationships with all current and functioning port terminals and work closely with the major shipping lines (short sea and deep sea). For delivery to the ultimate destination, we have our own vehicle fleet.

Your delivery options

By truck to / from the port of entry / exit

Based on your requirements and the point of customs clearance, we choose the best shipping line and terminal of arrival or departure. After your cargo has been brought to the port by sea (import) or road (export), we take care of all local operations and arrange the further shipment on the agreed delivery date (import) or sailing date (export). For shipments through the Port of St Petersburg, we can use our own vehicle fleet. In other ports, we are working with preferred and verified road transport companies.

By rail to / from the port of entry / exit

We can organise the dispatch of your cargo by rail to and from the port of entry or exit. This solution is recommended and more cost-effective for deliveries to remote destinations in Russia or to Central Asia. For larger volumes, we can organise block train solutions. We have direct access to local railway authorities and operators to control tariffs, and manage our own as well as a hired wagon fleet.



We select the optimal shipping line and arrival or departure terminal based on your needs and the location of customs clearance. We take care of all local activities and arrange the next shipment on the specified delivery date (import) or sailing date (export) after your goods has been delivered to the port by sea (import) or road (export) (export). We can use our own vehicle fleet for shipments through the port of. We deal with preferred and confirmed road transport firms in various ports.



We can arrange for rail transport of your cargo to and from the port of entry or exit. For deliveries to remote locations in Central Asia, this approach is preferred and more cost-effective. We can organize block train solutions for greater quantities. To control prices and manage our own and hired wagon fleets, we have direct connection to local railway authorities and operators.

Any questions?

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Tried and true benefits

  • Own port-forwarding teams in the main ports
  • Direct contracts with shipping lines and operating terminals
  • Full control of all cargo operations
  • One point of contact for your entire supply chain
  • Paperless processing
  • Possibility to set up a delivery window or call-off system
  • Own assets (container equipment, vehicle and wagon fleet)
  • Wide range of routes and transportation modes, depending on requirements and geographical location
  • Own customs broker licence in Vietnam

Excellence in performance

  • Cooperation with preferred and verified subcontractors
  • A single operational system with standardised processes
  • Full and transparent shipment visibility, including track & trace, status notifications and meaningful reporting
  • Focus on HSE topics, including subcontractor management, risk management, driver management and vehicle management

Reliable schedules and delivery times

  • We provide the best possible transit times depending on your route, preferred transport mode, customs clearance point and final destination.
  • On each route, we offer reliable delivery schedules, including regular departures and fixed transit times.
  • Cargo arriving in Vietnam is quickly forwarded by local teams and delivered by rail or truck to its final destination.