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We will get you ready for the digital age: with our services, you can access documents from anywhere while saving resources, and being environmentally conscious and flexible. We automate recurring processes and thus make day-to-day tasks and document processes easier for you.

Solutions for a digital work environment

Solutions for a digital work environment

Whether intelligent process automation, cloud computing or advice on data protection – Rhenus Spain is your expert for digital products. Simplify recurring processes for your company and free up time for more important tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation does not involve the use of a mechanical robot, but the application of software that imitates human work procedures and automates manual business processes. This way, software robots become virtual employees and carry out selected business processes like humans do after just a short training phase. These intelligent RPA solutions are ideal for rule-based and recurring processes.

We let the facts speak for themselves: were you aware that 45 percent of office tasks can be automated? Entering data, comparing data, generating evaluations – these and other monotonous and error-prone routine tasks can be handled by our robot-controlled process automation. With Rhenus Robotics you can relieve your employees, increase your innovative power, build resilience and reduce costs.

Additional benefit for you: our software robots are developed and implemented quickly according to the quick wins principle. This means that your business processes can be optimised and automated within a very short amount of time. In addition, your work processes can be performed up to 95 percent faster. Intelligent process automation paves the way for your success.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing has managed to establish itself as a proven alternative for internal IT. Companies benefit from flexible provision of resources, high availability and security that can rarely be achieved with in-house resources, low upfront investment, usage-based invoicing and secure IT operation by experienced experts.

Companies no longer have to purchase software licences exclusively themselves, but can also use all modules – from accounting to fee invoicing – from the cloud. The invoicing is done per user.

These services are provided at the Rhenus data centre in Holzwickede, Germany, so that we can guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality, even for the most sensitive data. Our data centres are designed for a high level of information security and high multilevel availability.

Our services at a glance:

  • Provision of services in German data centres
  • State-of-the-art cloud computing solutions, e.g. as software as a service
  • Change management and consulting
  • Hosting services for customer applications incl. support services
  • Purchase or monthly rental of software licences
  • Full cost control with individual cost limits
  • Guaranteed high availability
  • Proven data protection mechanisms, ISO27001 certified


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Data protection consulting

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the resulting amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-neu), new rules apply for data protection. Especially with regard to increased penalty fees, this creates higher risks for companies if their internal processes do not comply with applicable laws.

Most companies today are aiming for digital processes, digital archives, mobile working possibilities at all times – and all of this in compliance with the GDPR. This is all very straightforward in the purely digital world. Electronically available documents such as invoices, emails, XLS files, etc. are transferred to the cloud archive and are immediately available.

However, analogue documents and information still exist, e.g. in processes such as digitalisation or the destruction of files and data carriers.

Process risks often lie in business processes and procedures that are not consistently documented. Since processes are frequently still analogue AND digital, this requires a high degree of transparency and tracking of the interfaces and the associated transfer of personal data. Examining the stability of software and hardware as well as the security of the server room and the data centre are also important aspects.

Rhenus provides advice on all these factors and can handle procedures as well as the implementation of processes.


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Digital mailroom

The digitalisation of your mailroom in combination with IT-supported processing creates enormous potential. Rhenus has the expertise, the hardware, the software and the system solutions.

With the Rhenus digital mailroom, we can process all types of physical and digital incoming mail via our multichannel inbox. In our workflow systems, we capture the digital documents and information and forward them to your company interfaces. Throughout this process, we guarantee full traceability for every document handed over to us.

Through our European network of locations, we are also able to deliver the remaining physical mail to your company with our service point concept. We also have suitable concepts for outgoing mail for physical or fully digital processing at our locations.

Benefits of the digital mailroom

  • Reduced turnaround times for your business processes
  • Improved quality through digital processes and the use of robot technologies
  • Set-up of post service points on your premises
  • Transfer of investment risk (e.g. inserting/franking systems)
  • Additional space
  • Cost savings along the entire process chain
  • German data centre certified in accordance with ISO 27001


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MIA – Medical information analytics

We have developed a special product for our customers in the hospital and medical sector and thus provide holistic support services for coding and invoicing your hospital services. It is the declared aim of Rhenus to digitalise coding in hospitals and thus to make case security and work easier for hospitals.


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Secure data hosting in Germany

Our German data centre is certified in accordance with ISO 27001. Data protection is a top priority for us – which is why we ensure that all our services are implemented in a compliant manner.


Investing in innovation

We work with the latest hardware and software and with digitalised processes. In order to constantly improve, we invest in infrastructure and promote the use of new solutions.


Flexible for your needs

Successful implementation of digitalisation projects takes more than just the technical requirements. The needs of the company, the employees and customer requirements must also be considered. With Rhenus Spain, you have the right partner at your side, who reacts flexibly to these requirements.


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