The outsourcing of logistics and transport services continues to grow. The volume of tenders that shippers use to find the right candidate to manage their supply chain increases year after year. Everything suggests that this trend will accelerate in the future.

Why are logistics tenders on the rise?

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has provided a new argument for many companies to call transport and logistics tenders. According to a report published in January 2021 by Transport Intelligence, many companies have opted to outsource these services during this period of enormous difficulties.

Disruption in transport networks and rising freight rates have pushed shippers to shift responsibility towards specialized operators through this contracting model. It guarantees security and long-term stability in service provision and price.

In this new scenario, shippers focus on finding a partner that guarantees flexibility to respond to risks and technological development to improve supply chain management.

What are the benefits of logistics and transport tenders?

The decision to call for a tender in logistics is based on seven main motivations, according to Jo Godsmark and Gwynne Richards in "The Logistics Outsourcing Handbook" published in 2020. These are the factors that make shippers decide to tender logistics and transport services:

  • They have limited in-house logistics capacity
  • They need to reduce assets
  • They need to increase flexibility and scalability
  • They want to transfer risk
  • They prefer to concentrate on their core business
  • They need to reduce costs
  • They want access to new technologies


We participate every year in the most relevant transport and logistics tenders because we have many arguments to bring added value to your business:

  • We offer all services: We provide you with a complete range of land, sea and air transports. We offer services for all types of routes, volumes, and goods, as well as countless logistics solutions to optimize your entire supply chain. 
  • We improve your transit times: Our wide range of transport services with daily routes to many origins and destinations, both domestic and international, represents a competitive advantage for shortening delivery times.
  • We adapt to your needs: Flexibility is a priority for Rhenus, which is why we adjust our services to your individual needs to offer specific answers for your company.
  • We have our infrastructure worldwide: A global transport network and a total of 820 facilities around the world are at your disposal to provide you with solutions globally.
  • We offer better prices: We have a volume of transport capacity that allows us to be very competitive in costs and offer attractive prices in all modes and at any time of the year.
  • We promote your technological leap: We are continuously working to implement the appropriate tools to streamline our logistics processes and improve the communication flow with our customers. We want to bring maximum traceability to your supply chain.
  • We focus on sustainability: Environmental savings are at the heart of all our activities, which is why we provide your company with the most efficient transport and logistics solutions in terms of sustainability.   
  • We protect your supply chain: Our experience in this market and the application of the most rigorous standards and certifications guarantee maximum security for your logistics.



Become the partner of a global logistics leader. We are a reference logistics group in the international market with more than 100 years of history. We have an international structure, the capacity to transport any volume to any destination, and a team of more than 33,500 experts in the entire supply chain.


We have decades of experience and specialization in logistics in many sectors. We know the needs of the industry, and we get involved in each business to provide specific solutions that streamline processes and improve profitability. Our goal is to turn logistics and transport into a new competitive opportunity for your company. 


A characteristic that has defined Rhenus throughout its entire history is the long-term relationship that we maintain with our customers. Companies from all sectors, with very different structures and located worldwide, entrust us with their logistics and freight transport services to improve competitiveness. We highly appreciate the extensive average relationship we have built up with our clients. We establish long-term agreements with them to offer specific solutions for their needs, providing value-added services to increase competitiveness. 


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