Specialised solutions aimed at providing customers with the right material in the required quality at the right time are one of our core areas of expertise. We operate spare parts and shipping warehouses for you and take care of the proper packaging for the distribution of your goods.

Globalisation at part level

Globalisation at part level

The growing globalisation in production processes and end customer supply in the after-sales sector has increasingly made optimal packaging and professional organisation of these activities a genuine prerequisite for success. Because of long subsequent delivery times, error-free order picking and the protection of the quality of the parts by means of optimal packaging and load securing solutions is particularly important. In this regard, we can provide support with our experience and our innovative solutions.

Our services at a glance

We store economically justifiable quantities and are able to react quickly to changes

We maintain spare parts warehouses for you and organise the coordinated and reactive delivery of parts to the production site so that you do not have to maintain large stocks at your factory. This also includes variant-forming distribution systems.


We package your parts at the highest quality level

The packaging of disassembled vehicle parts for transport to production plants overseas is playing an increasingly important role in the course of internationalisation. With our experience and know-how, combined with intelligent IT solutions, you can entrust this process to us.

CKD – Completely knocked down

MKD – Middle knocked down

SKD – Semi knocked down

We optimise the transport flows and transport costs according to your orders

We are also in a position to supply individual parts in the right order for your production upon request. The components are delivered to your production line just in time.


Hardly any other markets are developing as quickly as the automotive industry. As such, quick response times are both one of the greatest challenges and one of the core skills required. We react quickly to changes and guarantee that your production runs smoothly.


High quality standards

Our quality management does not just meet the standards of a logistics specialist, it is also on a par with those of a parts supplier or vehicle manufacturer. We believe that the “PPM” indicator is one of the most important company indicators. It allows every single employee to measure their daily output.


Perfectly in sync

Our planning is based on sequencing in sync with our clients. For us, every second counts. We always supply components at the right time and in the right order.


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