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Rhenus offers a range of warehouse logistics solutions. From multi-client to in-house and dedicated warehouse concepts, we ensure your goods arrive when and where they are needed. Value-added services and digital solutions like our warehouse management and integration systems complete our portfolio.


Multi-client solution

Integrated logistics at a multi-client location

With a multi-client solution, your individual warehouse logistics are integrated into a multi-client location. We create flexibility advantages for you, for example in the areas of personnel and storage space utilisation. In a multi-client logistics centre, we are able to cushion seasonal fluctuations much better through shared services and solutions.

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In-house solution

Let Rhenus optimise your warehouse operations

The in-house solution includes the complete or partial takeover and operation of your warehouse, factory and production logistics. Rhenus Spain optimises your process landscape and therefore provides a relevant warehouse management system and reporting structure. As part of your value-added chain, we integrate seamlessly into your production processes.

For this purpose, we implement flexible personnel and equipment concepts.

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Dedicated solution

We manage an exclusive warehouse for you

This means the construction of a new warehouse by Rhenus for your exclusive use. The advantages for you are risk-sharing with regard to the investment in a new warehouse or the transfer of the process control, IT, equipment, personnel and technology responsibility into our hands. Our dedicated logistics solutions address the individual needs of your industry already in the construction phase of a new warehouse.

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Value-added services

Services beyond warehousing for your supply chain

Value-added services (VAS) are part of our core competences. We have a very high level of expertise in this area for products and customers from numerous industries such as e-commerce, retail, fashion, medical devices & life sciences, chemicals, FMCG, media & merchandising, electronics as well as manufacturing & engineering. Our various VAS activities include returns processing, gift wrapping, quality control, kitting, set building, co-packing, product refinement activities, display construction and much more. Please contact us, we will find a solution for your special needs.





Depending on your needs and on the characteristics of the warehouse processes, we can either activate a configurable market solution such as Blue Yonder’s Dispatcher WMS, Hardis’ Reflex or implement our in-house developed WMS called Blue Yonder. With the WMS market solutions, you can benefit from the innovations available in global supply chains and sectors and quickly configure specific solutions for your processes. The in-house developed Blue Yonder can be configured and developed to match any individual requirement, independent of external vendors. Our WMS are solid, secure, run on ISO 27001 (tier 4) compliant platforms and are 7X24 supported.

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Rhenus Integration System

Transparency for your business – always and everywhere

The Rhenus Group stands for transparent processes, at all times. Innovations are the key of our competitiveness. For this reason, we offer you a transparent view into our warehouses within our own IT solution. The Rhenus Integration System gives you for example the current overview of your daily order volume. You can concentrate completely on your core business and conveniently monitor your order situation via app on your smartphone. In real time, because transparency is the focus of our work.


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