You can see a woman working in a chemical lab You can see a woman working in a chemical lab

Life Sciences and Healthcare Logistics

Rhenus USA provides third-party logistics, warehousing for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and the life sciences industry. Since flexibility is paramount in these industries, Rhenus provides complete supply chain management.


Complete Supply Chain Services

Rhenus USA provides full-service solutions for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences industries. We offer your company tailor-made solutions to fit your requirements from order fulfillment to value-added services and returns management.

We seamlessly meet the needs of all medical devices, life sciences, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Rhenus USA arranges complete logistics processes, whether the product is as small as a heart valve or as large as an MRI scanner. Our team of certified life science and healthcare experts provides flexible service options along with the support of our LSHC global team.  


Benefits for your supply chain

Rhenus offers everything that rapidly growing business models require. Existing multi-user facilities enable us to be flexible and allow us to grow with you.
As our appreciated customer, you can benefit from more than just our supply chain excellence. Our portfolio of logistics services is well known throughout the industry and has a proven track record.


Quality services that keep you focused

Our quality standards remain in place but can be extended at the front & back end with additional customer services and financial services. This enables you to stay focused on your own business, while we handle the end-to-end supply chain.


Let us grow together

Our multi-user facilities enable you to be flexible and allow us to grow with your company.
Scalable, highly dynamic and efficient IT systems guarantee speed, transparency and quality advantages in a competitive environment.

In addition to handling warehouse logistics tasks, Rhenus supports specific business models and provides a wide variety of value-added services.


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