FTZ and Customs Bonded Warehouse Solutions

Rhenus Logistics warehouses across the United States are located strategically near major ports and airports. Rhenus operates FTZ and custom bonded warehouses for clients to sort their goods when the product is imported or exported out of the USA. Both warehouse options are cost-efficient and safe.

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FTZ Warehouse VS Bonded Warehouse

Free trade zone or foreign trade zone (FTZ) is unlimited storage of foreign and domestic imported goods. It offers clients the opportunity to have their import duties and customs fees deferred, reduced, or eliminated. Customs bonded warehouse offers long and short-term storage of imported goods for up to five years, which allows clients to avoid duty payments until the cargo is nationalized.

Customs Bonded Warehouse Solutions for your goods 

Customs bonded warehouses are ideal and convenient for businesses that need to ship goods domestically and internationally. It also provides the option of keeping your products stored long-term until you are ready to import them, but you can also store items that may be exported in the future.

Utilizing a customs bonded warehouse allows your goods to be moved between other bonded warehouses, including FTZ warehouses for export, deconstruction, or long-term storage. You will not have to pay any customs duty costs when you export goods from the warehouse; customs duty fees are only necessary for imports. 

Benefits of Bonded Warehouse

  • Long-term storage for up to five years without paying fees upfront
  • Deferring of duty and tax payments
  • Custom duties are not due when goods are exported from bonded warehouse
  • Customs duty fees are only necessary for imports when goods leave the bonded warehouse
  • Goods can be stored in advance for peak seasons and on demands periods



Our in-house team of licensed customs brokers specializes in submitting FTZ entry documentation and more. Moving cargo to an FTZ allows you to locate your products closer to your customers, thereby increasing the speed to market.

Our FTZ warehouse is strategically located in Miami, Florida - which is a gateway into Latin America (LATAM) and a platform to develop connections between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Benefits of the Foreign Trade Zone

  • Cost savings for the importer as admissions to the zone are covered under FTZ operators’ customs bond
  • Duties are due only upon entry for consumption
  • Foreign and domestic goods may be placed in an FTZ and can remain for an indefinite storage
  • State and local inventory tax may be avoided if a foreign good and a domestic good is destined for export (if applicable)
  • The tariff rate may be determined either at the time of admission into an FTZ or when they leave the zone at the users’ discretion (some restrictions apply)
  • Additional activities may be performed in an FTZ for bonded cargo that is otherwise not allowed in other bonded warehouses


Take advantage of our worldwide network

  • Rhenus USA is an IATA-accredited air forwarder and licensed NVOCC operator providing reliable air and ocean freight services worldwide
  • State-of-the-art Class A warehouses designated as a foreign trade zone and customs bonded warehouse
  • Warehouses close proximity near major ports and airports 
  • Innovative transparent solutions through best in breed IT / TMS / WMS systems and support


  • One-stop freight management solution: freight forwarding (air, ocean, road, rail, multimodal), customs brokerage, warehouse fulfilment and distribution, cargo insurance, compliance and more
  • Modern and innovative integrated technology platforms that connect customers to supplier and carrier systems to drive deep product insights from planning and purchasing through to distribution and fulfillment
  • Best-in-class customer service and customs brokerage assistance 


  • Speed, transparency and quality standards: We achieve this by using scalable, highly dynamic and efficient IT systems
  • Real-time reporting tailored to your specifications to ensure we can meet your every requirement
  • Our secure IT platforms provide visibility and control tailored solutions, driving speed to market

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