Customs Clearance with Rhenus USA

We offer complete customs clearance and compliance services to ensure our clients remain compliant while seeking the greatest relief from duty and tax implications.

Smooth Customs Flow Of Your Supply Chain

Smooth Customs Flow Of Your Supply Chain

Rhenus USA in-house customs brokerage team is available to prepare your customs entry in accordance with US customs and border protection (CBP) and participating government agency regulations.  We provide timely and efficient customs clearance to expedite the movement of freight to it final point of destination. 

Our experienced and certified customs team at Rhenus USA is well suited to guide your enterprise through the requirements and regulations of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ensure full compliance with government regulations. We provide customs clearance processing, audit, and consulting services. 

We work diligently to identify the most advantageous tariff classifications resulting in savings for our customers and eliminating costly errors and delays.

Our customs clearance services and capabilities includes:

  • Customs brokerage and consulting with remote location filing
  • Electronic in transit shipment entry documentation 
  • Customs entry filing via CBP ACE System 
  • US customs bonds processing 
  • Compliance, commodity and classification process 
  • ACH duty payment  processing                                
  • Foreign trade zone (FTZ) documentation
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Partner government agency Filing
  • Importer security filing (ISF) 
  • Container freight station 
  • Quota or visa assistance 

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One-Stop Customs Clearance Solution

  • Avoid fines and shipment delays
  • Stay compliant through the complexities of dealing with international customs protocols
  • Receive the greatest duty and tax relief
  • Import and export 24/7 year-round

Professional, service-oriented & compliant partner

  • Our experienced and certified in-house customs team provides clients a full spectrum of customs brokerage services
  • Reduces the risk of competitors obtaining valuable shipment information from documentation required for customs clearance

  •  Eliminate costs such as document turnover fees for DAP incoterm when using our in-house brokerage services

  • Increase in convenience for the importer or customer with one point of contact for customs clearance, and shipment arrangement, and invoicing


Dense Global Network

  • A strong network of partners strategically located in all major cities across the US or Mexico and Canadian border, Rhenus USA Customs Brokers expedite the movement of goods to reach supply chains faster, allowing clients to focus on their business