You can see a huge containership in a port You can see a huge containership in a port

Buyers and Sellers Consolidation

Rhenus USA offers buyer’s and seller’s consolidation services for your ocean freight shipments. By combining your less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments in a full-container load (FCL), you can save costs and resources.


Buyer’s and Seller’s Consolidation Services

  • Buyer’s consolidation services combine less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments from different suppliers that share a common consignee. The shipments are consolidated at a central consolidation center, loaded into a dedicated container, and sent to their destination as a full-container load (FCL). 
  • Seller’s consolidation services describe the scenario of multiple shipments from the same origin loaded into one FCL container by the seller or supplier. It is then sent to the port of destination, where the individual shipments are unloaded and distributed to various buyers or consignees.
We optimize your transport chain

We optimize your transport chain

By combining LCL shipments with the same seller or buyer in one dedicated container (FCL), we reduce your costs while giving you increased overall transparency and control over your transport chain.

Freight Options for Your Buyer’s or Seller’s Consolidation

You can choose between seaport-to-seaport, door-to-door, seaport-to-door or door-to-seaport transport. Let us find the best possible option and route for your shipments.

Our Value-Added Services for Ocean Freight

Benefits of Consolidation Solutions

  • Cost- and time-efficient 
  • One point of contact for your entire supply chain
  • A carrier-operating mentality, i.e. an entrepreneurial approach to building services and products
  • Rhenus USA has a top-tier relationship with the most reliable carriers and partners 

High-Quality Consolidation Shipping

  • Safe and secure mode of transport, reduced risk of damage 
  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Diverse range of routing options
  • An extensive global service network

Customer Approach

  • Aligning our services with your needs and requirements
  • Visibility and track & trace reporting 
  • Matching our performance to your expectations
  • Responding to changes in a smart and constructive manner
  • Consolidation reduces the impact on the environment 

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