Rhenus Singapore offers reliable and efficient warehouse logistics solutions for businesses in the food and beverages industry.



In this industry, companies need to source a reliable logistics provider to provide efficient warehouse logistics solutions to help meet the demands efficiently. Rhenus Singapore offers highly secured, temperature-controlled warehouses and supply chain solutions for transportation just in time or just in sequence. You can entrust us with your products, including alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer and other liquor, for warehousing, transportation and customs documentation. Our warehouse is licensed under Singapore Customs for storage of products and approved by Singapore Food Agency. For convenience, we provide the required bankers guarantee to Singapore Customs for the suspended duties and GST.


  • Conveniently located at a central location
  • Highly secured warehouse with surveillance cameras
  • 2,300 pallets locations (1,350 air-conditioned at 22° Celsius and 16° Celsius)​
  • Chiller room with 8° Celsius for storage of high-quality Sake​


  • Avoid paying high duties for alcohol at the point of importation to Singapore or for temporary storage before selling to other countries
  • At our warehouse, you can bring in the goods and store them with the duty and GST suspended
  • Duty and GST are only payable when these goods are removed from our licensed warehouse for local consumption or selling

Our special competences

  • Value-added services such as fiscal representation
  • Set-building and special packing
  • Direct connection to the container terminal
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • All sites connected to major highways and border crossings
  • Our customs specialists at all sites

Continuous transparency of all warehouse processes

  • Regular in-depth analysis of entire warehouse movements
  • KPI reports on demand
  • Swift implementation of interfaces and other IT tasks
  • Visualisation of all warehouse orders in real-time
  • In-house interface configuration and fast adoption of change requests

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