Rhenus Singapore

Rhenus Singapore offers a wide variety of services including air freight, sea freight and cross-border trucking.


Rhenus in Singapore: Facts and Figures

Rhenus Singapore has been operating since 2000, based in the eastern part of Singapore with the second largest container port. This strategically located office focuses on logistics solutions that exceed industry standards in excellence while maintaining speed and efficiency in operations. Singapore is a prime destination for trade and investors due to its political stability and pro-business environment. This advantage contributed to Singapore's attractiveness, allowing it to flourish and transform into a transportation hub, not only for South-East Asia but also the world.

As a regional hub for distributing a range of commodities such as automotive, chemicals, electronics, oil and gas, Singapore is highly efficient. Therefore, Rhenus chose Singapore as the location for its Asia-Pacific headquarters. Major strategic decisions for corporate development of the company in this part of the world are made here – in close sync with the head office in Germany.

Facts about the country

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Our Tanjong Penjuru warehouse is situated at a central location for your convenience.

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Our wide variety of services include air freight, sea freight, cross-border trucking, customs clearance and domestic distribution.

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Rhenus Singapore also serves Batam and the nearby islands.

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Our other services include project cargo for marine, oil, gas and machinery industries.

Rhenus locations in Singapore