You can see a huge airplane being loaded up. You can see a huge airplane being loaded up.

Global Air Freight Solutions

Rhenus Singapore provides a wide variety of air freight services. Transit times are scheduled in cooperation with global airline partners to ensure your cargo arrives according to plan. The overview of the transport chain is visible through IT platforms.

When to Choose Air Freight for Your Cargo

When to Choose Air Freight for Your Cargo

Air freight transport is ideal for your time-sensitive cargo. Rhenus Singapore air freight services offer streamlined shipping to transport goods reliably and transparently. Comparing to other transport services, air freight deliver your goods swifter.

Options for Your Air Freight Transport

For your air freight transport, you can choose between airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door or door-to-airport. Let us find the best possible option and route for your shipments.

Our air freight customised and integrated solutions:

  • Scheduled consignments
  • Buyer’s consolidation / multi pick-up
  • Door-to-door services
  • Express shipments
  • Temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Chartering services
  • Ocean-air / air-ocean shipments
  • Multimodal services
  • Hand-carry / first flight-out
  • High-security shipments for sensitive and valuable cargo

Assuring the Service Quality Standard

With access to an immense network of aviation hubs, Rhenus Singapore ensures seamless air freight shipping solutions. Our services are based on a portfolio of preferred and audited carriers to transport cargo by air.

To assure our services’ quality standard, we continuously measure and review our partners’ on-time performance. Furthermore, we operate high-security compounds to protect your inventory and assets round the clock.


Benefits of Choosing Rhenus for Your Air Freight

  • Internet-based services for convenient data access and order

  • Consistent scheduling with air freight services

  • Leverage on our global network of hubs around the world

  • Tracking and tracing available along the shipment’s route for complete visibility

  • Full documentation and customs clearance support


Reliable transit times

Rhenus Singapore uses proactive measures like uplift and arrival control at the shipment’s starting point and destination to ensure punctual deliveries. Besides, we choose our partners for both the main transport and last-mile deliveries, focusing on their reliability to have consensual expectations on punctuality.

In rare cases of discrepancies, we proactively communicate information to our clients about shipment status and solutions.


Our Value-Added Services for Air Freight

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