Rhenus Singapore ensures no delays in deliveries and unforeseen expenses. Our experienced specialists are always keeping up to date with the latest changes in customs legislation, allowing them to accelerate the process of customs clearance for a smooth, fast and reliable customs process.

Rhenus Intermodal Services

Customs Brokerage Solutions

Rhenus Customs Brokerage is one of the essential steps in the framework of international transactions with goods. A necessary degree of attention and responsibility is needed to ensure that there will be no delays in deliveries and unforeseen expenses. Our experienced specialists always keep up to date with the latest changes in customs legislation and accelerate the process of customs clearance. This knowledge allows for a smooth, swift and reliable customs process.

RHENUS SINGAPORE Customs Brokerage

Here are our customised and integrated customs brokerage solutions:

  • Preparation of declaration
  • Checking and verification
  • Submission of declaration
  • Payment of import/export duties
  • Inspection and release of cargo
  • Physical handling of formalities at port of export
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Compliance assessment and audits
  • Duty and tax programs
  • Diplomatic cargo clearance
  • Certificate to release imported goods (AtRIG)

Dedicated and experienced personnel

Rhenus Singapore has a dedicated and experience team of staffs to manage all your customs clearance needs to ensure a swift and efficient process. Our team is knowledgeble in the customs clearance requirements for various countries and we are able to accommodate the specific requirements of your cargo. 


Quality management

Quality management is one of the core processes of the industry nowadays. Knowledge of the risks anticipated and the development of procedures and methods to keep these risks at the lowest level possible to ensure safety and efficiency. 



Thanks to our many years of experience working as an international services provider, we can take over all the relevant administrative tasks including fiscal representation. Hence, we create clear competitive advantages and take care of your customs duties and clearance.